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I checked camera #4 yesterday, 179 pictures, that was 2 weeks worth of pictures. Very few daylight deer pictures, as well as I can tell there are 4 different buck deer. Including one little spike, with horns about as long as your pinky finger.
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Jump to new posts Re: Foreign odors at trapping locations by Hal @ 10/16/18 04:40 PM

You can't cover up "human scent" is just can't be done. I cringe at the number of deer hunters who are suckered into that mode. Quote:I remember reading somewhere that after you make a set for predators , your scent lingers in the area lo
Trap Line Old Hollow Blog
Jump to new posts Re: findings by FLSH ETR @ 10/16/18 09:31 AM

Back in grade school we used to see who could get the best red lips, fingers, chin, etc. We were an awful mess for our teachers! Sure don't need that now. Frank.

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