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Jump to new posts Re: Waxed Dirt - Epic Fail by Ric @ Today at 03:26 PM

Just got a chance to read this thread. You haven't lost anything, but some time. A couple things to be aware of. Flake wax like you purchased typically has a low melting temperature, probably in the 100-110 degree range.That is why most suppliers w
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Jump to new posts Re: Pros/cons of Honda Pioneer by musher @ Today at 04:58 AM

Originally Posted By: HalOriginally Posted By: musherThey sells stuff you put on windshields that causes rain to slide off easier. The faster you drive, the more the water slides off. It work great, However, at night when high beams are coming at you
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Jump to new posts Re: 2017 Deer Antler growth. by redsnow @ Yesterday at 09:23 PM

Notice that fine mowing job above. I'd say that these are the same 3 buck deer as above, at Wardney's illegal salt lick. It's kind of hard to see, but notice the second deer on the left, you can see it's butt and it's head, it has little nubs

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