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Jump to new posts Re: Selling Fur by FLSH ETR @ Yesterday at 07:21 PM

The last company I worked for had direct deposit as a requirement. And that also allowed them to pull out money if an error was found. I had them modify my employment agreement to say that they had to give me a two day notice if they would be withdra
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Jump to new posts Re: Coyote Stories: by Trickstertrapper @ Yesterday at 02:28 PM

Don't get discouraged...misses happen. Make sure your bait or lure is in the hole as far as you can get it so that he has to work to get it (make more tracks). Place two sets at every set location about 40-50 feet apart with different attractents an
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Jump to new posts A good catch-per-day average for a long-liner? by Trickstertrapper @ Yesterday at 02:03 PM

Looking to do some serious coyote trapping next year, I would like to run 300 traps. I want 3-100 trap lines (3 day check rule) and I want to trap from Oct 15th in the high country until December in the low country. I'm thinking I sould move my trap
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Jump to new posts Re: Coyote Dispatch by Trickstertrapper @ Yesterday at 01:48 PM

I Bought that 17hmr in a ruger single six and that is what I use...just this year I noticed those 17 grainers going all the way through the chest cavity (broadside), so I started shooting them at the base of the neck when they are facing me, just abo
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Jump to new posts Re: Asset Protection, Theft. by redsnow @ Yesterday at 06:29 AM

I'll give you and update on the deal with the shoplifting incident. It's finally over and finished, for me. The Prosecuting Attorney was here at the store a while back, he told me that the man was going to plead guilty, so I wouldn't need to appear
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Jump to new posts Re: My annual... by RoadDawg @ 12/10/17 04:54 PM

Whew! I thought you were gonna say "Rectal Exam"!
Trap Line Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Beaver brigade by Utk1 @ 12/09/17 06:27 PM

That part of the state has been getting a lot of beaver complaints and our organization offered to go over and hit specific landowners to help alleviate some of the problems. It was a combined effort with our state wildlife dept. They want our input

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