Asset Protection, Theft.

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Asset Protection, Theft. - 09/03/17 07:54 AM

Most of you guys don’t know much about me, so I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I own a little grocery store, sort of a Mom/Pop type of convenience store, with lots of extras. I’ve been in business since July, 1st 1989, and I learned a long time ago, you can’t trust everyone. We’ll talk a little about shoplifting, and theft, it costs us all money everyday.

I wrote something the other day, that I’m sure some of you didn’t understand. when I wrote: “I’ve trained myself to think like a thief”. I really don’t care to say it that way, but I have, when I’m at work, that’s part of my job. I’m constantly on the lookout for easy targets, and constantly on the lookout for anyone that looks like they’re up to no good.

Just thinking about it now, not sure how many shoplifters we’ve caught over the years? It’d be up in the dozens. If you take some of the big stores, they’ll catch people everyday.

One of my customers, Chris, works at the local Walmart, that’s her job, Asset Protection. She’s paid to walk around the store “shopping”, and watching her cameras. Just to catch shoplifters. She must be pretty good at it too. She’ll nab one or 2 or 3 about everyday. I always wish her good luck when she goes to work.

Chris was telling me one day, they’d taken inventory of the store, (I forget how many months were involved), but there was over $90,000 worth of merchandise missing. That’s 90,000 dollars that the rest of their customers are going to pay for, with higher prices.

I’ll tell you about my most recent shoplifter, and try to explain how our laws work, it just happened a week or so ago.

I was here at work, it was about a half hour before closing time. Two guys walked in together, I acknowledged them, they walked to the back part of the store, tinkered around for a minute, and walked back toward the counter. The man up front had 2 of those big single cans of beer, (the 22 or 24 ounce jobs) I know my prices pretty well. (His buddy was about 2 steps behind, I watched him grab something off of my shelf.)

Before the first guy made it to the counter I asked: Sir, is that all for you? It’ll be $3.38, I took his money, gave him his change, bagged them up and thanked the man. He started toward the door.

(The second guy stood behind the first man the whole time, which was only 30 seconds or so?)

The second guy was walking past my counter, when I asked: Sir, what can I do for you? He said: I’m with him. I said: Sir, you’ve got something in your pocket. #2: What? Me: Sir, you’ve got something in your pocket! He fumbled and dicked around in his pockets and pulled it out.

(I was dialing 911 by this time. ) The guy said that he’d forgot it, and his buddy was going to pay for it. (I was thinking, forgot your ass) Try to steal something and when you get caught, just go ahead and pay for it and go on your merry way. It don’t work that way!

I told the man that the police were on the way, to hang tight. He walked outside and took off, first time I’ve ever had that happen. (The police station is just down the street, about 200 yards.)

The police officers rolled in, 3 of them. I didn’t know the new officer. I told them what happened, said the guy was High Stepping it down the street. (The police had passed him on the street when they were coming up.) Two of the officers took off and rounded up the man, and brought him back to the store.

The 3 officers were here talking, I heard the one officer tell the new cop: “You can go ahead and take him.” (Go ahead and take him to jail.)

I didn’t know until then, the police had dealt with this guy before. Chris, the lady at Walmart had caught him shoplifting, he’d also been caught at the Shop n Save, and now at my store. The one officer told me that he had “Sticky Fingers.”

Sure enough, the next morning the man’s mugshot was on the Potomac Highlands Regional Jails website. Shoplifting 3rd offense. The way I understand things, that’s a felony.

A Deputy Sheriff served me with a summons, I had to appear Monday, 8/28/17, “to testify as a witness on behalf of State of West Virginia, in the case of State of West Virginia vs . . . “ The guy waved his Magistrate Court hearing, so now it’s bound over to Circuit Court.

They told me that his bond was set at $75,000. He’s going to spend some time in jail. I saw him at the courthouse the other day, sitting there cuffed up, wearing his orange jumpsuit. You can’t hide stupid.
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 09/03/17 12:58 PM

Good story. Sounds like the end of a repeat offender.
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 09/05/17 06:40 AM

Angie, from the courthouse stopped here at the store last evening. I forget her title but her office is across the hall from the courtrooms, she's up to speed on all of this stuff.

I asked her what she thought would happen in court. She said: Third offense shoplifting, he'll be sentenced to 1 to 2 (years), he'll serve 8 months.

But just think about how much money this one shoplifter has cost us taxpayers.

I had 3 town Police Officers tied up here at the store the other night, plus the 911 folks. The regional jail is an hour down the road, that's a town vehicle and officer tied up for another 3 hours. The Magistrate's time. Paperwork from the court to the Sheriff's office, a Deputy and county vehicle to serve the summons. A Corrections Officer and vehicle from the jail to deliver the "suspect" to and from the courthouse.

I'm sure he'll have a court appointed attorney, we'll figure $150 per hour for him. Then you've got the Prosecuting Attorney, the Judge and all of the clerks. Plus the folks from the jail, they'll bring the man up here again, and then take him back "home".

And, according to Angie's prediction, we're going to furnish his room and board for the next 8 months!

I'll get you a picture of the item that he tried to steal. You won't believe it!
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 09/05/17 09:34 PM

Well, chalk up another $500 or so, down the drain. A Deputy Sheriff served me with another subpoena today, I'm to appear as state's witness, Monday the 11th at 10:00am.

It makes you wonder what the young man was thinking. Obviously, he wasn't using his brain at all.

Here's the exact item that's going to cost the man 8 months of his life.

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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 09/07/17 06:39 AM

The incident that I mentioned above is unusual because it was the man's 3rd offense. I'll try to explain how it normally works.

Above I mentioned our local Shop n Save, I've known the owners all of my life. Years ago, Herb, (one of the owners) asked me what my policy was toward shoplifters. He told me that they'd found if you didn't have them arrested, as a rule you'd catch them stealing again. Herb was right, we caught almost all of the first several shoplifters, for a second time.

Today, if I catch someone shoplifting, I'm going to call the police. I don't care if it's only a 35 Cent pack of chewing gum, you will be arrested. This is how it works, I call 911, the police stop by and take my statement, they'll write the shoplifter a ticket. The shoplifter has so many days to report to the Magistrate Court, they'll be charged a fine (probably $25 or so), plus court costs. The last I heard, court costs are about $165.

So, that little pack of chewing gum is going to end up costing them, right at $200.

Pretty good incentive to keep your nose clean!
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 09/26/17 06:39 AM

I'll give you an update with the deal with the shoplifter. I went to the courthouse on the 11th, and basically stood in the hallway for an hour. The Prosecuting Attorney came to me the first time, and said that "we're waiting on his attorney." 20 minutes or so later, he called me off in private and said that the case will go before a "grand jury". That will be in October.

I've been finding out things about this guy. He's married, I'll guess he's in his early 30's. His wife was in the store the other day, someone pointed her out to me.

Talk about an awkward moment! His wife was seated down the hallway, about 20 feet from me. She'd glance at me, I'd glance at her. There's not a single thing that I can say.

I didn't want to be there, and I'm sure she didn't either. Her husband was down around the corner, all cuffed up and all. The young man should have thought about the consequences.
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 09/26/17 01:14 PM

Well, Breaking News! (I edited my post above, I had the wrong court date, it was the 11th at 10 am, not the 10th.)

We have a local newspaper that comes out weekly. Just got it this morning.

Here is the headline: "Probation Violations Dominate Court Docket". I'll quote the first 5 paragraphs, it's public information.

"People who don't comply are saying they'd rather be in in jail than on probation." With more than half of the cases on the docket that were probation violations, Judge C. Carter Williams could not help but express his frustration.

Williams heard motions on Wednesday, Sept. 20 in Hardy County Circuit Court.

Justin A. Gray, 29, of Moorefield was sentenced to one year in jail in 2015 for petit larceny. The sentence was suspended and he was ordered to serve three years on probation.

On Aug. 22, Gray was arrested for shoplifting and officers noticed an odor of alcohol. His blood alcohol content was .115 as measured by a breathalyzer.

Standard conditions of probation are not committing another crime and not consuming alcohol.

Judge Williams found Gray in violation of his probation and ordered him to serve the one year sentence with credit for time served."

I'm not sure how all this will play out, for me. Since it's a separate case of shoplifting, I figure I'll be served with a subpoena to appear in October. I'll be glad when it's over and finished!

Then we can talk about important stuff.

Talked to one of my guys this morning, he had 2 trail cameras stolen over the weekend. $200 down the drain, just enough to piss off a feller, and he is.
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 10/14/17 08:59 AM

Well, nothing new about the shoplifting incident. But I wanted to talk about our trail cameras.

Biologist Teet's from the DNR stopped by the other day, I showed him some of my pictures, and he told me about what he'd been getting on his cameras.

We can start a new thread about "nuisance 4-wheelers" or such, but I'll tell you 4-wheelers should come with a label attached, something like this: "Private property is Private land. Operating this vehicle on private property without written permission may result in fines for trespassing, and/or a good ass whoopin." I'm sure that it happens everywhere, but folks around here are getting tired of people riding their buggies and 4-wheelers all over the place without permission.

Mr. Teet's told me that he'd been putting his cameras out, watching places where 4-wheelers are going around gates. Trespassing.

I just found out day before yesterday, another one of my friends had a trail camera stolen, the boy is only 17. That makes 4 trail cams that I know of that have been stolen, since this past spring.

The other day Frank invited me to read through Wisconsin's hunting regulations, (they are a mess), I noticed one thing back on page 35 about trail cameras. On Wisconsin's public lands, you are required to have your name and address permanently attached to the camera. That's a good idea.

I'll tell you how I have my cameras marked, I just put my last name, and have them numbered, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Next time that I check my cameras, I'm going to add another 1. So, they'll be numbered 11, 12, 13 and fourteen.

I have 3 of my cameras on the mountain south of town, it's all private land. Up at my "lured rock" camera, I've got pictures of 2 guys trespassing, I found out who owns the vehicle. I've met the guy.

But you know?, if someone would be stupid enough to steal one of my cameras, I'll bet they'd wonder where the other 10 cameras are located. I figure that would cause the average thief to become just a little bit paranoid.
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 10/16/17 06:30 AM

Guys, I'll tell you about a deal that is going on right now, and we'll develop a pattern.

A friend of mine, we'll call him Bud. Bud comes to me for advice from time to time, he knows that I'll trouble-shoot and lay it all on the line, and give him my honest opinion.

About 3 years ago, he told me that he was thinking about buying the carpet place. They sell carpet, tile and all types of flooring. It's been in business forever. Anyway, he ran the numbers past me, we talked for a while, and I told him that he'd better get down there and give them a down payment. A good bit of money was involved, he bought their vehicles, inventory, the whole works.

Bud moved the shop from one location to another, and the folks that did own the place agreed to stay on for 2 or 3 months, just to make sure things were running smooth. I'd stop by from time to time, just to check on things.

I stopped by one day, they had 3 employees on duty. Mr. R., and the Boy and the Girl. Mr. R is a good guy, he's retired and a good worker. He didn't have anything to do. The boy and girl, they didn't have anything to do. I'm not real familiar with the carpet business, but it's nice to have help when you need it. Otherwise the 3 of them were standing around scratching their butts. Figure, at $10 per hour each, that's a good bit of money down the drain.

I talked to Bud, not long after that visit, and told him that I'd get rid of all 3.

Mr. R., he retired again. The Boy and Girl, they quit, which was good for business.

I was here at work the other day, Bud and I were talking, he told me: "Let's go outside where we can talk." I was standing there leaning on my truck, listening, seems like "The Girl", she'd been offering "cash discounts". Sales that were made, without a receipt. Sales that were made. unknown to the carpet shop. Inventory missing, cash missing.

It just so happened, Bud bumped into one of his customers the other day. The man had already received and installed his flooring, the carpet shop doesn't have a receipt where he even bought anything. The man gave Bud a copy of his cancelled check, $2,600.00 and it's signed by "The Girl." That's a felony!

There are 3 people involved in the theft, "The Boy" (he's a convicted felon), "The Girl", and "The Girl's" Dad. I honestly don't think that the 3 of them know what's going on, or who they are messing with. But they will find out.

While Bud and I were talking the other day, I kept telling him, "I know. . . ,I know . . ., but you can't do that!" You suck up your loss, learn from your mistakes, and make damn sure it doesn't happen again.

All together Bud figures that he's lost over $10,000. They're taking inventory. But that's pretty tough for a small business.

I'll add more later.

While I have a chance I'll finish my comment above.

I'm not really surprised by the actions of "the Boy" or "the Girl", they're just stupid. But "The Girl's Dad", he knows how things work, and I'll tell you now, in the long run, it's going to cost him. He has a regular job, and does little side jobs for folks.

This all went on at about the same time, "The Girl's Dad" was working for another good friend, and some stuff "came up missing." Nobody knows for sure, somewhere around $500 worth of stuff is gone! The Girl's Dad is the only person that had access, pretty solid evidence.

You know what the problem was? They all had just a little bit too much freedom, too much headroom. Money makes people stupid. Like "the Boy and Girl", they weren't content standing around, getting paid 40 hours per week, they needed more.

"The Girl's Dad", I've always thought that he was a good guy, after this deal, I wouldn't trust him to feed and water my dog. That just shows how fast you can lose someone's respect. The worst part of this deal is that the man has lost 3 good friends. All because of a little bit of money. In the long run, he's lost a lot more.

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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 10/18/17 07:58 AM

wow good reads. keep the true down to earth stories comming.
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 10/19/17 06:43 AM

Well, people do strange things. Most folks are honest and will give you a fair shake, there are others that will take advantage of the situation, if given a chance. People are greedy.

I will tell you a little bit more about "The Girl's Dad", like I said above, a year ago I had a lot of respect for the man. Not now.

I'll try to explain how "the Girl's Dad" ruined his reputation. The Girl's Dad was working for my friend Bob, Bob told him up front: "You keep track of the hours that you work, and if I can't trust you with doing that, I'll never call you again."

Bob was paying him, (I think $15/hour), for cleaning up a bunch of scrap metal. "The Girl's Dad" has a small dump truck, and part of the deal was, that "The Girl's Dad" got all of the money for the scrap. Scrap metal prices are down, Bob just wanted him to clean up the place, and wasn't worried about $500 worth of junk.

There was a hot water heater, a bunch of copper wire, and a good many light fixtures that "came up missing." (I have inside information about this whole deal.) The Girl's Dad, was selling the light fixtures online. I'm not positive, but I think that copper wire was 4/0, coated wire. Expensive stuff.

Anyway, above where I said that it will cost "the Girl's Dad" in the long run, it will. Even if he's pocketed $5,000 from the deal with the carpet shop and the deal with the missing stuff. His reputation isn't worth a damn.

Not long after I found out about "the Girl's Dad" stealing stuff, a man asked me who I'd recommend to do some work for him. "The Girl's Dad" was the first person that came to mind, but I can't do that. "The Girl's Dad" has lost my respect, he's a thief and I no longer trust him.

I gave the man another friend's phone number, Roger, he's got a dump truck and all. I just talked to the man a week or so ago, he thanked me, told me that Roger did a good job. We shook hands and away he went. Roger thanked me too.

If "the Girl's Dad" wouldn't have screwed up, that would have been his job. Somewhere around $400, honest cash money for that little job. But nope!

His screw up is going to come back and bite him!

I talked to Bud from the carpet shop yesterday, he told me what's going on with the police. As the old time folks would say: By God, that'll break em from suckin eggs.

I don't think that the 3 of them realize what kind of mess they've gotten themselves into, yet.
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 10/19/17 08:41 AM

I will agree 100% with your assessment of the story. I just returned from camp where I contracted with a local contractor to do a fair amount of grading and stoning of the camp site. The cost was over 6K. I told him,"Look Mike, I want you to get your fair wages for the job, but I also don't want you to screw me over." He said "hey, if I mess one person up in this small township, I'll never be able to work here again." That's what it's gonna be like for your 'girls dad'.

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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 10/20/17 06:41 AM

I agree. This is a small town, word travels fast.

I'll try to clear up what I said above, the copper wire, the lights and hot water heater were all inside of a building beside the carpet place. The lights were stacked on pallets, the wire was new, the hot water heater wasn't being used, but it was all locked up inside. The Girl's Dad had access. It's not like any of the stuff was just piled up outside.

It's a screwy deal, but it'll come back to haunt him. Because of where I work, I see a good many people, and over the years I've sent a good bit of work his way. Small easy jobs, 100 bucks here, 200 bucks there. Knowing what I know now, I just can't recommend him to anyone.

That's just how fast he ruined his reputation.
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 11/15/17 06:41 AM

I’ll give you another example of the consequences of theft. Read between the lines.

For years and years here at the store I bought milk from an “independent distributer”, Jimmy is the man that owned the operation. Jimmy was more or less the “middle man”, between me and the dairy. Jimmy had his own refrigerated trucks, and 2 or 3 truck drivers working for him. Milk is expensive, Jimmy had a good business!

Here at my store they delivered 2 days per week, Jimmy would deliver on Monday and Virgil would deliver on Thursday. Between the 2 of them, they did a good job of keeping me well stocked with milk, and with a long expiration date too.

After working with people week after week, for years and years you develop a kind of friendship. Hard to explain, but you’ve got to trust and respect each other. The 3 of us had a good working relationship.

Anyway, Jimmy came in to deliver one morning and said: “Well, you won’t be seeing Virgil on the milk truck anymore!”

I can’t quote Jimmy, but I’ll tell you what he told me, it went something like this: “You know Bill, so and so, that owns the big store out at the intersection on Route 50. Bill called me Tuesday night at home. I was sitting there about half asleep, watching the news, waiting for the weather forecast, ready to go to bed. Bill said: Jimmy, I’m sorry to call you this late at night and all, but we’ve got a problem!

Jimmy, I had a crate of watermelons in the walk-in cooler. I emptied the one crate over into the other crate, (talking about those wooden boxes, about 4 feet square, and 3 feet deep) I remember there was 1 really big melon. The reason that I remember the big watermelon, I had a hard time picking the thing up from the bottom of the empty crate. I put that big watermelon on top of the stack, and now it’s gone!

The only person that had access to the walk-in cooler was your truck driver!”

You can imagine what was going on inside of Jimmy’s head. Bill was one of Jimmy’s biggest customers. Jimmy told Bill that he’d see Virgil in the morning and find out what’s going on, and call him back first thing. Jimmy said that he didn’t sleep a wink that night. He just couldn’t believe that Virgil would be that ignorant, to steal a watermelon.

Jimmy was out at his warehouse an hour early the next morning, Virgil’s milk truck was backed up to the loading dock, just like always. Jimmy said he opened up the truck’s door, sure enough, there was a big watermelon setting in the corner.

Long story short, Virgil lost his job and reputation over a $5 melon!

If you can’t trust a man with a watermelon. . .

Above we were talking about this stuff coming back to bite you, it sure did in this case. Virgil had some fancy and expensive “toys”, guy stuff, I know first hand that he had to unload a bunch of his stuff. Those monthly bills keep on rolling in. As well as I remember, it was 3 or 4, maybe 5 months before he could even find a part time job.

Virgil had a good job and made good money on the milk truck. Think about it like this for a second, just say he lost 3 months worth of wages, how much did that watermelon cost?
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 11/15/17 08:52 AM

Something ain't quite right with that story. Now if the man confessed to stealing the melon, that's one thing. But, why on earth would he leave it in his truck overnight????? Why wouldn't he take it home and eat it????
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 11/15/17 04:26 PM

Oh, it was a screwed up deal. I'll guess that he just forgot the melon. I'd like to think that it wasn't something that happened on a daily basis!

Go out with a load of milk in the morning, and come home with the milk truck loaded with "groceries" in the evening. Who knows?

That's the thing about it, if we can't trust a man with a watermelon, how can anyone convince me that he wouldn't take a roll of cheese, or a case of bacon, or grab a 30-pack on the way out? You can't!

There are so many ways that a person can screw you over. Hopefully, I've seen the majority. Like I said above, you learn from your mistakes, suck up your loss, make sure it doesn't happen again, and tomorrow is another day.

Reading my comment above, it seems like I left Jimmy out in the cold. Jimmy found a replacement truck driver within a week or 10 days, and kept right on trucking. Back about the same time as the "incident" above, Jimmy was just getting started in the real estate business. If you'd ever be out looking for a job, Jimmy is the type of man that you'd want listed as a personal reference. He's just a good man, if he tells you something you can take it to the bank. Jimmy is still in the real estate business, and there's better money in real estate than there is milk. I haven't talked to him for a while, I did see one of his signs the other day.
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 12/02/17 06:59 AM

Look at this picture and notice where they man's eyes are focused. Charlie and several other folks have walked under this camera.

Charlie said that there were 2 bear in the road the other morning, guess my camera just happened to be in the right spot at the time.

I talked to a couple of other friends on the mountain, the other night, showed them my pictures. They all have trail cameras, said they quit putting them up because of the bear. Knock on wood, other than one "bear nose" picture, they haven't messed with my cameras.

Here you'll notice how I have a twig wedged behind this camera, to angle it down. And how I have the rest of the strap, all wrapped up, twisted around so it's not flapping in the wind. That's more or less to combat people eyes.

That was a vertical picture. You'll get the idea.
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 12/11/17 06:29 AM

I'll give you and update on the deal with the shoplifting incident. It's finally over and finished, for me.

The Prosecuting Attorney was here at the store a while back, he told me that the man was going to plead guilty, so I wouldn't need to appear at court.

The court hearing was November 28th. I'll quote part of the story from local newspaper.

Prosecuting Attorney: "I hate to send someone to prison for a $2.50 can of beef jerky. I think he's learned his lesson."

"In exchange for the guilty plea, the state recommended home incarceration." "I was under the influence and wasn't going to steal anything. Gray said, "But I take full responsibility for what I did."

The guy's attorney: "He has been incarcerated since August 22 and has shown a lot of remorse." "The Judge ordered him to home incarceration to be installed with alcohol monitoring."

I'm glad that it's finished!
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 05/24/18 06:30 AM

Seems like there is always someone out there looking to screw a feller. I'll let you take a look at these two $20 Dollar bills. One of them is good, the other one is counterfeit!

Here at the store we've taken 4 counterfeit $20's within the last 2 weeks. Thankfully, we've caught all 4, otherwise I'd have lost $160.

Very long story short, a guy stopped by the other night and bought some stuff, like $38 worth of stuff. He gave me 2 fake 20's, I told him that they were counterfeit, and I couldn't give them back to him. He gave me 2 good 20's, so we were square.

He told me that he'd sold something online, gave me a name and address of where he got the bad money.

Very very long story short, the dude that lived at that address, his ass is in jail. Charged with counterfeiting!

I looked at his mugshot the other day, I've seen him before, he was local.

I guess it was a week or 2 ago, Heather caught a shoplifter here at the store, that's her first one! His ass is also in jail.
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 05/24/18 04:49 PM

OK--- I give up!! Which one is the fake one? I can't tell. I guess I would be easy to fool!!

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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 05/25/18 08:05 AM

The Twenty on the bottom of the picture is fake. Honestly, there's not much difference!

I'm no expert on bad money, but if I'd grade it on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best. I'd give it an 8. At least a 7.

It's printed on actual "money paper", it feels right. The police told us what and how the guy was doing. They confiscated his "equipment".

I just found this out yesterday, each counterfeit bill that is recovered, that's a separate charge against the man. I was told that each separate charge carries a penalty of 2 to 10 years in jail.

The police said he was set up doing 20's and 50's. I'm not sure how this works, but those should be federal charges, he's going to do some time in the pokey!
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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 05/26/18 07:00 PM

Just sold a patio furniture set that we listed on Craig's list. Thanks to your counterfeit money tutorial, I scrutinized each bill as if I were Sherlock Holmes. Andy and Benny are lookin' like they should. Thanks Tim!

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Re: Asset Protection, Theft. - 05/27/18 07:34 AM

I guess the easiest thing to look for in our "new" money, would be that plastic strip embedded within the paper. Hold the bill up to the light and it'll be there someplace.

But there is still a lot of "old" money in circulation too.

The bills in the picture above are all genuine, and they are worth face value. Because of their dates, if, IF they would be in mint condition, they would be worth a little bit more. You don't see many old bills today, but when I find one, I'll keep it.

But notice how much darker green and black the bills are compared to today's money.

That's what first caught my eye with the counterfeit 20's we've found here at work.

I was told that one of the local banks gave one of their customers a "bad" Twenty the other day. That's how good these fakes are.

Who knows how many counterfeit bills this dude printed?