Muddin' whith Gramma

Posted by: Hal

Muddin' whith Gramma - 01/01/20 02:51 PM

Muddin’ with Gramma

It was wet and raining when the grandkids came for Christmas. So they fired up the four wheeler, and took Gramma muddin’. Ran out of gas in the rain and had to push it to the shed. Gramma came to the house soaking wet but she was tickled as a fish with fleas. That’s one helluva gramma.

Posted by: musher

Re: Muddin' whith Gramma - 01/02/20 05:15 AM

Good times!
Posted by: redsnow

Re: Muddin' whith Gramma - 02/09/20 05:10 PM

I'll tell you that mud conditions are just about ideal in this area.

We had an inch of rain the other day, freeze and thaw. Pasture fields had standing water a day or so ago. You don't want to get off the road.

Yesterday, I noticed one of the local farm hands going down the road with a 4 wheel drive tractor, he had muck and mud and chunks of sod, splattered up to the top of the tractor's cab.