adding Rosin to wax ?

Posted by: newtraps

adding Rosin to wax ? - 01/11/15 08:37 AM

Somewhere I read add 1 oz. of rosin to 10 lbs of wax to help the wax adhere to the traps better. Can anyone confirm this because I can't remember where I read it. I was thinking it was in a Bud Boda trapping book but I am not sure anymore.
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Re: adding Rosin to wax ? - 01/11/15 10:03 AM

From hawbakers trapping north american furbearers book. Chapter 3 pg 27.When you heat the traps the next morning,at the same time heat a separate iron kettle, to the kettle add 2 lbs of paraffin, and 1 lbs of bees wax. Add to this a small piece of pine gum(pitch) the size of a small bean. this a secrete to waxing traps. It makes the wax tough and it will not break off. If too much pitch is added it will spoil the wax as it will be gummy. Use only a piece the size of a pea to each 3 lbs of wax. It also tends to gives the traps a faint pine smell. Hope this helps. I have never tried this
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Re: adding Rosin to wax ? - 01/15/15 10:11 PM

I have always used canning wax and added rosin at about the rate suggested above without the bees wax, it was what an old trapper told me to do long ago. He told me it makes the wax tough, as was mentioned, and showed me how big a chunk to use. It works.

Now, I will guess that Trappers Wax as purchased from a supplier already has what ever additives it needs.