Adjusting pan on MB 550

Posted by: keef

Adjusting pan on MB 550 - 02/01/18 11:06 PM

I just bought some of these for coyotes and cats. I've read the pan tension is around 4-5 lbs. I'd like to set them lighter. Guys suggested bending the dog to lighten it. I hate to be messing with the dog if there's another way.
Posted by: Ric

Re: Adjusting pan on MB 550 - 02/02/18 07:58 AM

That trap uses a pan & dog similar to the posi-trip system. Pan tension is achieved through the geometry of the components. Not with a mechanical connection (nut & bolt) that creates resistance to movement.

Bending the dog /cross piece is the only practical way to change the pan tension.

Just like any other trap you should check the pan tension and adjust, after the trap have been prepared in the manner it will be used.I wouldn't take advertised figures as gospel just because someone wrote them down.

Here is a link to an archive page that describes the pan/dog system fully