Otter toilet site setup

Posted by: Richard2

Otter toilet site setup - 02/12/18 05:18 AM

I need some advice on how to set this area for otter. I will have traps on this site for 5 nights & I'd like to take as many otters as possible from the group if they pass thru in that time frame. The sandy area is a beach, gently sloping into the stream with no cover, features or flotsam. Nothing washed up at the water line, it's been scoured by flooding. The top 2/3's of the beach area is an otter toilet. They are leaving and entering the stream every where in that 60 yards of sand. The beaver dam in the feeder stream & the beaver pull out will be set but I'm at a loss as to how to (or even if I should) set the sand toilet area. I have checked and a 18" deep earth anchor will hold there & I have plenty of footholds of all sizes if that is the best option. Bodygrips on land are not legal there, partially submerged bodygrips are legal. I have several half baked ideas, otter scat from another site, drag a log & make a flat set with otter lure, carpet bomb it with short chained blind sets, as I said, they are all half baked ideas. Here is a picture from google earth & a crude drawing. Thanks, Richard

Posted by: Ric

Re: Otter toilet site setup - 02/13/18 09:40 AM

Can't help you with the dry Otter sets. Where I trap Otter that is just a Raccoon set with a fancy name.

With your scenario in mind. I would focus on the log jam and feeder creek, gang setting body grip traps
Posted by: Richard2

Re: Otter toilet site setup - 02/13/18 06:49 PM

Ric, I'm scared of that log jam. It appears to be a surface jam, only about six feet on the right side is fairly open with one large log across it. I threw a couple of good sized sticks out into the current and they got pulled under the main part of the log jam pretty hard and fast. Its probably 30 to 50 feet wide at water level, I don't know as I want to chance surviving that ride. My problem is the few otter(6) I've targeted on purpose were secondary dam cross overs and 2 places they were cutting cross country to cut across a creek curve. This area I am lost with. I've several things in mind, if they work, I'm a genius, if they don't, you'll never hear about them . grin . Win, lose or draw I'll learn something. I do appreciate your advice. Thanks, Richard
Posted by: Ric

Re: Otter toilet site setup - 02/14/18 10:18 AM

Well don't get sucked under the log jam, would make for a crappy day.

Think of the log jam as a grocery store for otter, they will work around, over and under it.

The feeder stream is similar to your locations where they cut across. A travel way from one location (main creek) to another (swamp)

I blind set Otter. Read the water. There ARE places they will go because of water flow, topography, debris etc.