peat moss problems

Posted by: ron finewood

peat moss problems - 11/30/19 05:23 PM

My area is now in the freeze/thaw time of year, along with some intermittent snow and rain. It appears that coyotes are scarce here now as I am only seeing and catching fox sign and Red Fox. I am having tons of dig outs. Daily!! The peat moss is carefully dug away from the trap, exposing the entire top of the trap---still set and in its bed. Sometimes, the trap is flipped up, but still set. I am careful with solid bedding and I don't think I have an odor contamination issue. Is this common with peat moss? Have other trappers had digging issues with peat? I don't know how to correct the problem.

Posted by: musher

Re: peat moss problems - 12/01/19 01:08 PM

Is your peat just covering the trap or is it covering a wide area also?

With peat and diggers it sometimes helps to cover a wide area, like 3 feet, in front of the trap. That way the animal has already checked out the peat smell and felt the peat underfoot prior to the set.

A second trap will often solve your problem, too.
Posted by: ron finewood

Re: peat moss problems - 12/01/19 04:01 PM

Great advice!! Thank you!
Posted by: archeryguy

Re: peat moss problems - 12/24/19 04:27 AM

Sounds like coon. They love digging in that peat.