Posted by: ron finewood

wax - 02/21/21 05:47 PM

I bought a used metal pot, with a cover, years ago for waxing traps. I don't know the actual size but it's about the size of a soccer ball. I originally bought enough trappers wax to fill it 2/3's full. Every year I add a couple of cakes as I wax, to keep it at the 2/3's full mark. Its been about 6 or 8 years on this pot. This past fall, I had more dig ups and flipped traps than normal, with Coyotes. What would contaminate my wax pot? Would the age of the wax have a negative effect? I am trying to determine the reason for the increased dig ups.

Posted by: bhugo

Re: wax - 02/22/21 04:42 PM

Dead mouse? They like to get into places you never thought they could and die. Next time you melt it, take a look for remains...

Sounds hard to track down the culprit without finding something obvious.

I used to demote my canine wax to water trap wax every couple years before using rusty primer dip. That might save you from having to waste the wax.
Posted by: Ric

Re: wax - 02/22/21 06:44 PM

I do like bhugo. Suspect K-9 wax would be repurposed for water trap use

That being said my k-9 wax hasn't been completely changed out in probably 10 years
Posted by: Hal

Re: wax - 02/23/21 07:57 AM

I'm on approximately the same schedule as Ric.

As for your dig-ups. Sometimes that remains a mystery. Even after 60 years of trapping, I get dig ups that I can't explain. There are such things as wised-up critters.