beaver and coyote help

Posted by: trapperdude

beaver and coyote help - 05/07/21 02:18 AM

i recently bought a hunting 40 in northern wisconsin. ive never trapped beaver but i noticed chewed sticks along a small creek by a culvert that flows under a gravel road into the private property across the street into a marsh. i dont see anything along my creek where theyre climbing on the bank? the creek is only about 6 ft wide and maybe a foot deep so is my best set a 330 at the culvert? second question is i have 4 small food plots about 1/3 acre each and only one of them has coyotes and bobcats running thru on my cams. i believe theyre going after rabbits and grouse in a thicket next to it so should i put a dirt hole set at each end of that small plot?
Posted by: Hal

Re: beaver and coyote help - 05/07/21 08:56 AM

Both of those ideas are solid.