Fixing a Bridger #2 Coilspring

Posted by: ron finewood

Fixing a Bridger #2 Coilspring - 11/07/14 12:57 PM

Another tractor tire zeroed in on a trap and bent it badly. The ends of the frame, that are bent upwards with the two holes for the jaws to stick into are bent outwards and I can't get them back in the right position with the jaws in the holes. How do I remove the jaws? I just can't seem to get them out of the frame. I have already smashed 2 fingers trying. Any help??

Posted by: Hal

Re: Fixing a Bridger #2 Coilspring - 11/07/14 04:50 PM

I have a very big vise with which to do that. I put the trap in the vise upside down, and close the jaws of the vise until it compresses the jaws and lets them come free of the frame. But if the trap is badly bent, don't worry about it. Just force the jaw out as best you can. With the vice open wide, I rest the frame, at the hinge points, on the jaws of the vice, and with a heavy hammer, pound down the center of the frame. Bend and twist as necessary to return the trap to working conditions.

I've had a whole bunch of machinery vs trap experience.

Posted by: ron finewood

Re: Fixing a Bridger #2 Coilspring - 11/07/14 05:38 PM

Thank you. My vise is too small to do the job, but I know where there is a suitable one. I will get it fixed.
It is starting to snow here. Just flurries, but snow, and near 32 F. I have 42 sets out and I have a good feeling about tomorrow.

Posted by: Ric

Re: Fixing a Bridger #2 Coilspring - 11/08/14 08:09 AM

Sounds like the jaws are bound up in the frame. With a smaller than Hal's vice. Clamp the end of the frame and use a drift to start moving the ends back where they belong.Once you get the jaws freed up. Remove them and follow Hal's procedure.