dispatching skunks

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dispatching skunks - 02/09/06 08:16 PM

What else can I use besides acetone to dispatch a trapped skunk with. I recently made me a syringe pole (tired of em stinkin after I shoot em). Of course I have to deal with 1 in the morning and mineral spirits is all I can find in the barn.
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Re: dispatching skunks - 02/10/06 07:27 PM

Hello is this thing on?????
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Re: dispatching skunks - 02/11/06 09:40 AM

Instant gratification is not something we are known for.You posted on the Help page and if no one had experience with what you asked they didn't respond.As it should be.

I have no idea where the use of acetone injected into the lungs of a skunk originated or how it was detirmined to be an accepable method.There are certainly drugs available to euthanise animals.Although I do not beleave they are readily available to the general public.I do not use the method myself but if I did I would only use an injectable that has been approved as acceptable.

(Edit..I stand corrected on availability..Ric)
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Re: dispatching skunks - 02/11/06 11:34 AM

Pre-euthanasia Drugs

From a licensed veterinarian acquire ketamine/xylazine “PreMix.” This is a mixture of two different drugs: ketamine (100 mg/ml) and xylazine (100 mg/ml). Have your veterinarian mix five parts ketamine with one part xylazine. Do not change the ratio. Then have your veterinarian put his/her clinic label on the bottle with a six-month expiration date. Store at room temperature in a locked cabinet when not in use.

Keep accurate use records, just like you would with any controlled substances. Ketamine and xylazine are not controlled substances (except ketamine in California). In most states they can be lawfully purchased through a licensed veterinarian.

The proper PreMix dosage is 0.6 ml (cc) per ten pounds of skunk. This means the average skunk (seven to eight pounds) will need only a 1/2 cc. Don’t overdose; it’s not necessary and won’t do you any good. At current prices, the cost of PreMix is about 50 cents per skunk. Always use a new needle, which will add a few cents to the cost.
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Re: dispatching skunks - 02/11/06 11:47 AM

"Mineral Spirits" is what you can find in the barn and your considering pumping it into a skunk to find out what happens.

I hope you have a big fat needle and a short pole !
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Re: dispatching skunks - 02/11/06 03:11 PM

I believe the first I heard this was from a trap supply dealer in KS. The last time I heard this was on the video "On the Cat Line".

Archer01 thanks for the first post you made. Really helpful info.
However on the second post: being a Smarta-- is not appreciated. :rolleyes:

Ric: sorry about posting on the forum but not sure how this got from help to the forum for I never reposted. I thought I had it on the help side. Again Apologies.

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I'm going to start by stating that I have never used this method. I don't catch skunks in my country. I have attended demos by well experience ADC guys and have listened to their methods. I am certain that a large dose of acetone into the lungs will rapidly dispatch a skunk. Here are a few kinks in the method; it flat sounds bad. If you miss the lungs what happens? Can you accurately diagram the anatomy of a skunk and show the "trajectory” of a needle necessary to hit and remain in the lungs and from different angles and on different size skunks? Considering the above comments / questions do you now see some real problems with an untrained / inexperienced trapper using this or any other method without proper training?

I am not wanting to pick on you, but rather use your posts as a sounding board and possibly / hopefully provide some focus points for thought. Dispatching animals is or should be a major concern for every hunter, trapper etc. We should use methods that we are comfortable and proficient with...this is our obligation to the animals and promise to those that grant us the privilege to hunt / trap.

One last point, again only as an example, acetone is so dang different chemically from mineral spirits I don't know where to begin. I will say that, from the stand point of chemistry, they should never be substituted one for the other for just about any purpose short of fueling a fire.
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Re: dispatching skunks - 02/13/06 03:58 AM

I saw the method of using acetone demonstrated on one of Tom Miranda's videos. It did appear to be effective and humane. I guess if I were going to try the injection method I would try the acetone. I suppose if acetone works,there are probably other corrosive type solvents that would work also like laquer thinner or paint thinner.
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Re: dispatching skunks - 02/13/06 10:15 AM

You really need to think about what you are going to say if you what to respond to this thread.Killing is part of what we do and I'll be the first one to defend the reason why it is necessary.To reccommed /suggest some of what I have read here is flat irresponceable.Lethal injection is a viable method to dispatch skunks and archer01 has given a way to aquire the compounds to do it in a responceable manner.Advocateing the substitution of other substances because someone else does it or because you think it should work just isn't going to happen here.The way we dispatch animals is of the utmost importance in how trapping is viewed by the public.If your going to talk about alternative methods you need to present a reasonable case as to why it should be considered as an acceptable method
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Re: dispatching skunks - 02/14/06 08:45 PM

wont the critter try to spray if you stick him with a pole? never got me a skunk yet.
but think i will shoot him with a CB cap from bout 20 yrds. laugh
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