Mink fleshing?

Posted by: downeaster

Mink fleshing? - 11/12/06 01:32 PM

I removed the fat and flesh from the hide but would like to know if I need to remove the red membrane from the shoulder area?
Posted by: Hal

Re: Mink fleshing? - 11/12/06 04:41 PM

NO! Do not remove the red membrane from mink or muskrats, it will actually devalue the pelt.

smile -- Hal
Posted by: Trapper-Randy

Re: Mink fleshing? - 11/12/06 07:32 PM

Why is it that the red mebrane needs to be left on? Just a question I have for awhile.

Posted by: Archive

Re: Mink fleshing? - 10/25/17 01:38 PM

Dated for search.