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#10954 - 07/25/06 04:02 PM strength of snare cable (foot snares)
b/j Offline

Registered: 03/04/05
Posts: 131
Loc: canada ontario
I have had 3 coyotes chew their way out of 3/32 7X7 snare cable in the last few stainless steel that much stronger than air craft cable or does anyone have an idea as to a type of cable that the coyotes will have a tough time chewing off.......I check my sets religiously every day and it is dicouraging to go and find half a snare all frayed and empty........thanks .......b/j

(Edit: Title edited. -- Hal)

#10955 - 07/25/06 04:44 PM Re: strength of snare cable (foot snares)
Newt Offline

Registered: 07/31/00
Posts: 508
Loc: Port Republic,South Jersey & C...
Dont stake you snares short. Use long snares or as
I do, extension cables.This lets the coyote get off and chew a bush or something besides your snare.Use entanglement or kill springs. Dead Coyotes dont chew.
1x19 is more chew restaint. But not chew prof.

#10956 - 08/08/06 05:50 AM Re: strength of snare cable (foot snares)
Ron Marsh Offline

Registered: 01/03/05
Posts: 86
Loc: Oil City PA
Boken cable is often due to unwinding of the cable. Maybe a swivle in line would help with your problem.

#10957 - 08/08/06 11:45 AM Re: strength of snare cable (foot snares)
45/70 Offline

Registered: 04/10/01
Posts: 832
Loc: South Georgia, usA
I make all of my coyote live snares out of stainless steel 3/32", 7X7 cable, which has been
swaged down to an approximate diameter of 5/64".

The swaging does two things.
1- the cable is compacted, with little space left between the strands, and that makes it very
hard, as my pardner & I say, for a coyote to hang a tooth in. 2- The swaged cable is
somewhat stiffer, and holds a better loop.

Please, pay attention to what I am writing. I Did Not Say I used stainless steel 3/32, 7X7
cable. I have had numbers of folks tell me that they tried the 3/32 stainless I recommended,
and it didn't work for them.

That's because they did not pay attention. What I Did Say was I used stainless steel 3/32,
7X7 which Had Been Swaged Down to an approximate 5/64" diameter.

This is a difficult cable to find, and is expensive (20 to 28 per foot). The Snare Shop
carried it for a while. Other than that, in recent years, we have had to go the the cable
manufacturers to find any. The use that we put it to justifies the cost, but the cable is too
expensive, IMO, for general snare work.

Being stainless, these snares have to be painted. They won't take dye, and they won't
gray-down left hanging in the weather through the summer months. That is, we were painting
them until we began using Formula One a couple of years back.

As Newt posted, use extension cable and stake your snares long. What you want is a snare
built on short stock, with a swivel. You need the swivel as close to the closed loop as
possible. If your swivel is out on the end of a 5' or 6' snare, the first dally the coyote takes
around a sassafras shrub, is when your swivel is defeated, increasing the possibility that the
coyote will break or chew out.

During the times, we have run out of swaged cable, and have been unable to locate any, we have
tried a lot of different cables.

I have been told that some successful live snaring men use 1/8" cable for coyotes. We found that this
resulted in too many refusals to suit us.

Ultimately, we went to 5/64" 1X19 cable. We get some chew-outs with this cable, that we
wouldn't get with the swaged cable, but far fewer than with the other cables we tried. And
5/64" in either swaged cable or 1X19 results in fewer refusals.

For live snaring, I don't believe that cable of less than 5/64" diameter in either style would
be effective.

For most of my life, I have run pretty much mixed lines -- some water sets, some land sets
-- whatever looked as though it would be a productive site along the line.

Now-a-days, for the most part, I don't run a mixed line when live trapping. Live snares at
their best, require regular, short term checking. In my state, we operate under a 24 hour
check law, and I devote those 24 hours to coyotes and fox, not slowing down for water
sets, etc. Oh, I may drop in an otter set here and there, but I don't spend a lot of time at it. I
may occasionally get some ADC work in, but I don't neglect my live market lines to do this.

RKBA !!!

#10958 - 08/10/06 10:49 AM Re: strength of snare cable (foot snares)
b/j Offline

Registered: 03/04/05
Posts: 131
Loc: canada ontario
Thanks for the input !!.......45/70 Where i live here in Canada I am using the belisle 6" foot snare trap and although it is a bit finicity I do like them as there is next to no foot damage and no broken small bones in the foot........the trap itself is not attached to anything ,the yote can shack it off its foot ,but in doing so it pulls a snare, that has 3 swivels and a shock spring on it and is fasened to the ground with a cable ground fasener, on to its foot.In all the out of the ground portion of the snare when on the yote is about 4 or 5 ft. long.The problem I am having is that the yote will chew the snare off about 6 or 8 " from its snared foot !I find that the 3/32 7x7 is to soft and when I can obtain it I am going to try 1/8" 1x19 stainless........I guess my concern is will this cable be stronger and will it be flexable enough !.......I have caught them with 2 toes in these traps using 3/32...........I dought if I can obtain the cable you are talking about.........thanks again for the input.......b/j

#10959 - 08/10/06 10:37 PM Re: strength of snare cable (foot snares)
northern trapper Offline

Registered: 10/05/00
Posts: 274
Loc: Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada
I have used 1/8 aircraft cable foot snares on coyote and wolf with good success. You do not need to go with stainless.

#10960 - 08/11/06 06:25 AM Re: strength of snare cable (foot snares)
b/j Offline

Registered: 03/04/05
Posts: 131
Loc: canada ontario
Northern.....have you had chew outs with 1/8" or are your chew outs few and far between ?..........I lost 3 in a row on 3/32.It is frustrating to come and find a chewed off snare!.............thanks..b/j

#10961 - 08/11/06 02:30 PM Re: strength of snare cable (foot snares)
northern trapper Offline

Registered: 10/05/00
Posts: 274
Loc: Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada
I have never had a coyote chew out using 1/8 cable staked down. All of my wolf foot snares have been on drags so I cannot say if they would chew a staked snare. I can also honestly say that I did not have a coyote chew out of a 3/32 aircraft foot snare on a drag, although I did loose a few when sets were staked.
I think that you would find 1/8 stainless pretty stiff for a foot loop

#10962 - 08/13/06 09:42 AM Re: strength of snare cable (foot snares)
musher Offline

Registered: 07/22/03
Posts: 2029
Loc: Qc.
I'm just back from the Quebec Woodstock (rendez-vous.) Aside from bear equipment I didn't see a footsnare. Lots and lots of footholds - including a fellow from Ohio (who knows Hal!) showing the Oneida-Victor line.

I think there's a reason why the Canadian mod #3 Bridger is selling by the dozen while the footsnare is invisible ... laugh

#25455 - 10/25/17 01:32 PM Re: strength of snare cable (foot snares) [Re: b/j]
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Registered: 03/12/03
Posts: 1116
Dated for search.


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