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#11564 - 03/10/06 10:03 AM Re: Beaver/Coon Skinning and Fleshing?
Art Stone Offline
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I like the idea of clean skinning beaver, the fleshing board gives me the most problem with ruining a good fur. I like it so much that I,ve been practicing on possum, and I believe that yesterday I came up with the Art Stone method of clean skinning grinners. The world will beat a path to my door. Now mind you my my method takes a while but when I was done I had a possum pelt that would probably go for 75 cents, maybe even a dollar. (At auction)Anyway its good practice on a chicken eatin possum.

#11565 - 03/10/06 10:47 AM Re: Beaver/Coon Skinning and Fleshing?
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That might be a good idea bobkat for helping hold the pelt edge when relieving the fat membrane after the opening cut. I guess Iíve been a little too preoccupied learning because I use those pliers (purchased from Hal) youíre talking about on everything else I skin. wink When I skin rats and after the cuts are done I make the 1st pull at the ratís tail cut with the pliers. I also use them on the initial pulls on fox, coyote, mink, & coon legs. wink

I had the carpel tunnel surgery on that left wrist 2 years ago and was fine until I smashed the wrist last year while driving a rerod stake in frozen ground and had a serious ricochet! When you get my age and injure bones, arthritis takes up housekeeping quick. frown

Iím staving off carpel surgery to my right wrist now by wearing a brace. Welderís knees and wrists, if you abuse them during your career, youíll pay for it after you retire! I should have listened to the old boys a little more. :rolleyes:

#25392 - 10/17/17 12:31 PM Re: Beaver/Coon Skinning and Fleshing? [Re: Trapping Fool]
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Dated for search.

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