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#11622 - 09/07/08 09:31 PM Who puts measurements on your coon boards
Dont know much Offline

Registered: 04/03/04
Posts: 62
Loc: Spotsylvania, Va.
Hi guys. Just wondering, who out there marks the different lengths or raccoon sizes on the board? In the past, I just measured each coon individually as I pinned him to the board. Now I think this way might be better. Have any of you tried this, and how did you do it.

#11623 - 09/07/08 10:07 PM Re: Who puts measurements on your coon boards
bblwi Offline

Registered: 07/31/00
Posts: 288
Loc: Kiel, WI
I have a line for the breaks of 27 29, 32, 35 inches on every board that I put a coon on.


#11624 - 09/08/08 03:36 PM Re: Who puts measurements on your coon boards
Alec Offline

Registered: 06/26/08
Posts: 103
Loc: Omaha NE
I do the same as bblwi except I use spray paint. All you do is cut a pattern of your stretcher out of cardboard and spray 27in-29in and 32in-35in. And keep 29in-32in covered with cardboard.


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