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#14282 - 04/24/06 06:10 PM Re: Longlining Expenses
Dusty Offline

Registered: 12/15/00
Posts: 420
Loc: North Pole, Alaska, USA
Joe - thanks for the clarification.

#14283 - 04/24/06 06:41 PM Re: Longlining Expenses
K. Sullivan Offline

Registered: 04/12/03
Posts: 187
Loc: Northern Ohio
Just curious-----How do you describe a longline?

#14284 - 04/25/06 07:00 AM Re: Longlining Expenses
Trapper Joe Offline

Registered: 01/02/06
Posts: 41
Loc: New brunswick
We really don't use the expression here, but I would think the discussion of expenses applies to anyone who spends most of the day trapping where transportation is a serious expense. For someone trapping an hour or two a day then gas should not be too big an issue.

Some guys trap full time but never travel more than 15 miles from home because there is little competition. Where there is more competition you have to cover more ground to find good areas.

I cover quite a bit of area because I am looking for special spots that catch my fancy, I guess. I find certain special spots and I just can't resist going there to trap them.

#14285 - 04/25/06 11:20 AM Re: Longlining Expenses
Dusty Offline

Registered: 12/15/00
Posts: 420
Loc: North Pole, Alaska, USA
K. - I fly about 100 miles to a cabin, then have a couple hundred traps scattered around a 30-mile or so radius of there. I trap a few-mile wide corridor on the way (but not exclusively). Not much of a line in the geometric sense, but it's pretty long - maybe 600 miles to see it all (wild guess based on engine hours), and a line drawn around everywhere I set traps would cover something like 15,000 square miles.

If I'm ever granted statehood, Dusty's Trapline will be the 42th largest state! Sorry, Maryland. (We'll issue a limited number of trapping permits. One.)

I don't consider that a longline. It takes roughly the same amount of time to maintain as the 80 miles of snogo line I used to run. I can check/maintain it in a day, 2 mid-winter when light's in short supply, after it's all set up.

100 miles with dogs is a LONG trapline, but you can get down that in a day on a snogo. A 500 mile snowmachine trapline is LONG, but you can get there in a day via air. If you think it's a "longline" I won't argue.

I have no competition. Here, critters are few and far between and not evenly distributed. The more country you cover, the more likely you're going to find a few really good fur pockets.

#14286 - 04/26/06 06:23 PM Re: Longlining Expenses
DesertTrapper Offline

Registered: 03/29/05
Posts: 28
Loc: Nevada

I don't think you will find that it pays to long line coyotes in Oklahoma or any other place these days. $20 average for your fur if lucky in a day and age where a new truck costs $35,000, an ATV $6000, and gas pushing $3.

The biggest expense you skipped was payroll. At the end of a couple of weeks of killing yourself, you might be making $2 or $3 per hour after other expenses.

But with that said, do it anyway. With rare exceptions, fur trapping is not about making money these days. Its about doing what you love. And a long line is doing it on a big basis. You will learn more in two weeks with 100 sets out then in ten years with ten sets out. Every mistake is a big one on the long line. And when everything clicks, it really clicks, and you pile up the fur in big numbers.

You will look back on it someday as the best time you ever spent.

Best of luck.

#14287 - 04/28/06 05:21 AM Re: Longlining Expenses
Glen Offline

Registered: 02/18/05
Posts: 32
Loc: Va.
get prepaired to pay the fiddler, If you are planning on being a longliner.You have no idea what it will do to your body. You now have to think differently. Speed is money on a long line. You are now a piece worker. A missed piece of fur now is lost wages. That why 90% of the fur is caught by 10% of the trappers. Good luck, but be careful what you wish for, you just might get it

(Edit: Please update your profile to indicte what state you are from. Thanks. -- Hal)

#14288 - 04/29/06 03:51 AM Re: Longlining Expenses
animalpest Offline

Registered: 08/18/05
Posts: 197
Loc: Western Australia
I trap full time 12 months of the year on what may be called a long line. The shortest distance can be 120 miles while the longest one is up to 1000. Theres a fair bit of country in between traps! I trap an area first, then move to the next, but even then I may have traps set over an area of 2,000 sq miles or more.

Even if I travel to the end and stay there for a week or three, the biggest cost is wages, then fuel and then vehicle costs. In some places I can go through 3 tyres in 30 miles so you can lose one day and win the next. Getting the steel in the ground in lots of right places quickly is important to start to recover costs immediately.

#14289 - 05/01/06 07:32 PM Re: Longlining Expenses
Mike McChurin Offline

Registered: 12/03/02
Posts: 497
Loc: NE Oklahoma
Thanks for all the replies folks. I just used coyotes for an example.

If I actually committed to running a longline for any critters, it would just be a few weeks of vacation. Not the whole season.

Didn't really plan on actually running a longline in the next few seasons. I've just heard a lot of guys talk about it and wondered if there were any hidden expenses that I might not know about.

Getting permission is not that hard around here. Some people say no. A lot say yes. And a few call and invite you to trap.

Competition from other trappers is virtually non-existent. Trappers number in single digits per county around here.

My truck is used year-round for travel to/from work, hauling wood, etc... So the initial expense is already there of owning/maintaining/insuring it. The extra expense would be tires, oil changes, and wear and tear that lots of trapline miles add.

Trapper Joe I have already considered an ATV. It's just not in the budget right now. My truck gets paid off first before I will allow myself to buy one. I don't know if it would open up new ground, but it might make getting in some of my more difficult areas quicker and easier.

Dusty, you are preaching to the choir about Oklahoma trapping. I am originally from Missouri and still have lots of family members there. Several with decent trapping grounds.

I personally feel that MO has a very good trapping program. Plus, it would actually cost me less to pay for a non-resident trapping license in MO than all my junk I would have to buy in Oklahoma to run a longline. Jeez, why am I still wasting my time here. It's the same distance to MO or KS from my house.

Kevin, what do YOU dictate as a longline?

50 traps over a 50 mile line?
100 traps over a 100 mile line?
200+ traps over 200+ miles of line?

IF, I were to run a longline next season it would encompass 50-100 traps over probably 40-75 miles. Smaller than most, but bigger than some. To me, that would be longlining. Might be small potatoes to somebody else.

Starting a savings account for fuel is a good idea. I have actually kicked it around in my head before.

Desert Trapper, if I was doing it for the money I probably wouldn't be doing it. Plus, I am still honing my skills, so I don't expect a big return yet.

Thanks again everybody. Let's hear some more comments if you've got 'em.


#14290 - 05/01/06 08:11 PM Re: Longlining Expenses
Dale F Offline

Registered: 01/09/01
Posts: 552
Loc: Erie, IL
I think a longline is different depending on your time to trap. Maybe a person gets up at two in the AM and runs traps till six AM and goes to work. After work checks the rest of line till eight or nine PM, depending on catch and what needs to be done before calling it quits. This is demanding if you want to keep it up all season. This cannot cover the ground a true longline could, but to me is a longline if it's all you can possibly do in a day.

#25406 - 10/17/17 12:35 PM Re: Longlining Expenses [Re: Mike McChurin]
Archive Offline

Registered: 03/12/03
Posts: 1116
Dated for search.

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