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#15960 - 10/27/06 01:49 PM Re: Release of Small Coon
cohunt Offline

Registered: 08/29/06
Posts: 44
Loc: south dakota USA
When I am trapping areas where I am quite sure I have and will have no competition(a fair bit of my line) I prefer to use live traps and release all small coons and many large females. Some years I release 70 of every 100. The coons that I kill and skin are mostly larger males or dry females with good fur. I think that most coons live several years and that it takes 3 or 4 years in SD for a coon to reach 25-35 pounds. Where I have competition, I attempt to reduce my catch of small coon by staying away from the water in early fall. If I am only competing with myself, I prefer to handle fewer animals and sell for a much higher average price. Carefully "farming" beaver works as well.

#15961 - 10/27/06 01:49 PM Re: Release of Small Coon
downwind ken Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 10/16/06
Posts: 14
Loc: Athens, Ohio
I should also say that on areas where thay are causeing problems I take them all out..Other places,well,guess I've been breaking the law then..My boy and I turn the littler ones loose..

#15962 - 10/27/06 08:23 PM Re: Release of Small Coon
Paul Fox Offline

Registered: 07/16/05
Posts: 281
Loc: Deckerville mi.
Where I'm at,coons are in overwhelming numbers;so I have to keep every one I get.Coons are getting to be a serious problem around here.

#15963 - 10/27/06 08:38 PM Re: Release of Small Coon
bawade Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 10/17/06
Posts: 17
Loc: StParis, ohio
I remeber the day when u didnt see a coon on the road, now days at least here in mid ohio I see them everywere, Its ashame. I liked it better 20 yrs ago. Now days U have to deal with the people that hate hunters an trappers and it is getting very hard to find a place to do so with everyone buying land and putting houses up in every dang woods..As for small coon if they are in a snare Ide turn them loose, depends if they are okay enough to do so. but out here coon is plentifull.

#15964 - 10/30/06 05:54 PM Re: Release of Small Coon
foxgetrrr' Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/27/05
Posts: 14
Loc: pennsylvania
I trap mostly state forest land and release all small coon that are in condition to do so

#15965 - 10/30/06 06:12 PM Re: Release of Small Coon
Ten Shot Offline

Registered: 10/02/06
Posts: 65
Loc: Mauston, Wisconsin
Nuisance coons are the very reason I started trapping. In July of 2004 I purchased 15 one day old turkey polts from a hatchery. Three days after I got them I walked in the barn and every one of em was dead. Breast meat taken the rest left. $180 bucks shot in the ---. I had an old trap so I set it and caught a coon. I caught 5 coon that summer.

No matter the size, I dispatch every coon that I catch.

#15966 - 10/31/06 10:54 AM Re: Release of Small Coon
NEbowhunter Offline

Registered: 04/21/05
Posts: 574
Loc: Holdrege, Nebraska
i guess one could define small coon. i realize my area probably has some pretty good sized coons, but even young of the year, when they are on a board, i seldom have anything less than xl. that would be quite a bit of the fur check gone and i don't beleive i've seen the resource dwindle. i'll be keepin em. laugh

#25479 - 10/25/17 01:44 PM Re: Release of Small Coon [Re: SW TRAPPER]
Archive Offline

Registered: 03/12/03
Posts: 1116
Dated for search.

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