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#20575 - 11/29/14 04:05 PM Climbing trees
Newb-104 Offline
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Registered: 09/17/14
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Loc: New Mexico
Not sure if its a scent thing, or a visual tiff, or natural. The animals are doing anything they can other then coming in forward for the bait.

#20587 - 11/30/14 03:44 PM Re: Climbing trees [Re: Newb-104]
Hal Offline

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You need to buy some trapping books. Or at leasts wallow around in the Archices for a few days. I think that will help you.

Endeavor to persevere.

#21357 - 12/13/14 06:58 AM Re: Climbing trees [Re: Newb-104]
tjm Offline

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Loc: Jane,Missouri
Absolutly get into archives. I'll just throw this at you though, I rarely use bait. (except for possums)
I don't ask the critters to come in more than a foot or so from where they are normally. A tiny bit of lure or a few drops of urine often works better for me than large globs.
I used to know fellers (all dead now) who took lots and lots of fur in nothing but blind sets.
imo, trapping is not very complicated; find where the criter was yesterday or today and put your trap where he can't pass it up. Most creatures will travel the same path again and often step in exactly the same place.
Now read the archieves; Hal spent a lot of time building them and all the answers are there, most multiple times.

ed.; think like this, we are in the real estate bussinees and there are three important things to know; location, location and location. If we get that part right, it's hard to mess up the rest of it.

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