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#5476 - 11/22/00 10:25 AM A new experience every year -- big coyote!
jacodag Offline
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I've trapped for several years and every year I experience something new. A few days ago I checked one of my traps to find that a coyote had been caught and somehow jacked my double stakes out of the ground. To say the least the coyote was gone and so was my trap. Today, as I drove up on one of my traps I could see that I had a coyote. As I got closer I could also see that something wasn't right with his paw that was in my trap. After getting right up to the coyote I still could'nt tell what was wrong due to the trash and dirt caked around his paw and my trap. After dispatch I found a trap on his paw (my trap) and the chain to the trap was caught in the trap that was anchored to the ground. This guy stole my trap two days ago, ran around with it on his foot, and then still decided to step into another trap with the same foot two days later. I got my coyote and I got my trap back all at once. By the way, I can see how he jacked my previous stakes - he weighed in at 71 lbs. This was the largest eastern brush wolf I have ever caught.

#5477 - 11/22/00 07:24 PM Re: A new experience every year -- big coyote!
Jack Turner Offline

Registered: 10/18/00
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Loc: Harrison, Ohio
Hey, that's a neat story. Congratulations on "retrieving" the trap and coyote. Wow, 71 pounds. Sounds more like a timber wolf than a brush wolf. One of the things I like most about trapping is the suspense of whether you caught something or not and if you did, what it might be. Everyday is a learning experience. Some days it's just a "neat experience" like with your coyote.

#5478 - 11/22/00 08:01 PM Re: A new experience every year -- big coyote!
Steve Offline

Registered: 09/17/00
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Loc: Milton, Indiana
71 pounds! That is a big brush wolf. The first one I ever caught weighed 69 pounds...and to date that is still the largest I have caught...congratulations!


#21527 - 12/13/14 10:36 AM Re: A new experience every year -- big coyote! [Re: jacodag]
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