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#4767 - 01/28/02 03:13 PM keeping coon out of Fox Snares ?
Mike Hall Offline
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Registered: 01/03/02
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Loc: Michigan
Hi all, I decided to give snaring a try, and set out a few in central Michigan. First 2 nights I had Coon in my sets, and they tore the crap out of the snare. How can I keep the Coon out of the snare? Am i setting the loop too low to the ground? all were caught in the mid-section, none by the neck. Thanks
in advance.

#4768 - 01/28/02 05:19 PM Re: keeping coon out of Fox Snares ?
Newt Offline

Registered: 07/31/00
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WHY???????? there's a good coon market. and you realy cant keep'm out.snares are a 1 catch.then you have to remake the the swivel and lock.then you can build new snares out of the parts Newt---over---

#4769 - 01/29/02 12:43 PM Re: keeping coon out of Fox Snares ?
Keith Daniels Offline

Registered: 07/14/01
Posts: 261
Loc: Arlington Oh.
You can't hardly keep them out, but if you're body catching them in snares set specifically for fox, I'd guess your snare is probably too low, just as you suspect. Try a good 9" to the bottom of the loop. I snared a couple reds last year in 10" loops, 12" off the snow, so don't be afraid to raise them.

Keith Daniels
O S T A Education Coordinator

#21603 - 12/13/14 11:01 AM Re: keeping coon out of Fox Snares ? [Re: Mike Hall]
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