Over in the "Old Shack" thread, I mentioned that my head carpenter Wardney had started a salt lick, that's it.

I forget the exact date when he filled that hollow stump full of salt, but notice how the deer have pawed the dirt away from the roots.

I don't get to spend as much time at the house that I'd like, but it's been interesting watching the deer. A while back I noticed a deer standing beside the stump, I didn't stay glued the window watching, but that deer was there for probably 10 minutes. It walked off maybe 20 yards, then came back and was there for another 5 minutes or better.

It seems that if you see a deer anywhere near the house, you just as well figure, give it 20 minutes or half hour, it's going to be standing beside that stump.

The stump is a little better than 100 yards above the house. I put my trail camera up a week ago, I have one picture of 6 deer (all in one frame), and 3 different bucks. A spike and 2 different 4-points. My SD card was full when I took down the camera, we might have more bucks?

Just recently the WV DNR changed the laws in this county, due to concerns over CWD, now Wardney's salt lick is illegal. Not sure how long it'll take for 50# of salt to dissolve and bleach out of that stump and into the ground, I figure it'll be a while.

Also have pictures of squirrels sitting on the stump, it's a busy place.

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