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#23529 - 02/17/16 05:13 PM Set and trap placement?
Dirty Kev Offline
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Registered: 02/06/16
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Loc: Kentucky
Im new to trapping and Just wondering about something?
I watch several videos and do some reading about coyote trapping. It seems nobody put a hole set right in the middle of the trail that coyotes travel. Everyone puts it to the side and counts on the wind to blow the sent across the trail. Why not right where the coyote has to step in or over it to get by it?

#23530 - 02/17/16 06:23 PM Re: Set and trap placement? [Re: Dirty Kev]
DEP Offline
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Registered: 07/07/13
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Loc: Lucasville Ohio
If you are going to be setting right in the trail I would just go with a blind set. If you punch in a dirt hole set right in the trail it will put a lot of coyotes on high alert and may avoid it. The only time I put a set that close to a trail without it being a blind set would be in a rocky area. I have punched in a small mouse size hole under the edge of a rock a foot or so off the trail with success. If you have a good trail and tracks just put the trap right where they set there foot and blend well with small twigs or pebbles to guide there foot. This is more natural and should take the dirt hole shy coyotes .


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