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#24724 - 04/11/17 04:32 AM Re: Odd fall/winter conditions.2016. [Re: redsnow]
musher Offline

Registered: 07/22/03
Posts: 2046
Loc: Qc.
I have split a lot of wood with a wedge. But an incident with a piece of flying metal changed all that.

I was splitting soft wood for a camp fire. A bit of the sledge hammer broke off. I felt a sting and a burning in my arm and then I was bleeding a lot. I was alone at home and a quick rinse under water told me I needed help. Luckily, the neighbour was home BUT he can't handle blood! He couldn't drive me to the hospital! My wife and son were due home so with pressure and keeping my arm raised bleeding was slowed down.

The doc said I was lucky. A few inches to the side and I would have hit a bigger vein. Ten minutes with forceps and he found the metal. I still have a bump where it was. The metal is about .22 bullet size.

I laid quite the blood trail from the fire ring, to the house, to the bathroom. Easy tracking. I couldn't really follow the blood from my house,up the dirt road, to the neighbours. I guess the pressure and arm elevation were working by then.

Footnote: I always have a pressure bandage taped in the liner of my chainsaw helmet.

#24726 - 04/11/17 06:35 PM Re: Odd fall/winter conditions.2016. [Re: redsnow]
Mike Conrad Offline

Registered: 07/17/05
Posts: 258
Loc: Sheffield, Ohio
Had that very thing happen to me when I was about 20, but much smaller. It went through jeans and stuck in my thigh just under the skin. Flicked it out with a toothpick. Looked like a miniature ufo (from the movies, not one of Hal's articles), round, thickest part in the middle tapering out to the edge.

#24727 - 04/11/17 06:49 PM Re: Odd fall/winter conditions.2016. [Re: redsnow]
redsnow Online   content

Registered: 06/11/06
Posts: 2205
Loc: WV
Good idea with the bandage. Kind of a reminder too, every time that you grab your helmet, you're thinking. I have a big bandaid in my wallet.

You were lucky that chunk of metal didn't hit you in the eye!

Years ago we never used eye or ear protection. My eyes have been lucky, my ears have paid the price! I'm very cautious with them today.

I have safety glasses just about everywhere that I'd ever need a pair. I've got ear plugs in my pants pocket, in the car, in the truck, in my coat pocket, the kitchen drawer, etc.

My brother and I talked about this a while back, he can hear, I can't. Different lines of work, different noises. Not sure? I figure I've had more hearing loss and damage before I was 20 or 25 years old, than I've had since.

We can start another thread, but I'll tell you when you can't hear, it's a pain in the butt!

High temperature of 89* today, back to 78* now. We're getting dry again.

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