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#24328 - 11/19/16 05:22 PM Coyote Dispatch
ron finewood Online   content

Registered: 03/31/10
Posts: 488
Loc: palmyra, new york
I have always dispatched Coyotes with a head shot with a .22 short. Not Good! Thank you Hal for suggesting on this site, that lung/vital shots were much better. I have been doing that and just finished skinning this mornings catch-----almost no blood on the fur or the floor. The dispatch task is very humane with the end result happening with seconds. I still use a .22 short and it works great. Thank you!


#25160 - 08/17/17 08:00 AM Re: Coyote Dispatch [Re: ron finewood]
Larry Sills Offline
Initiate Member

Registered: 08/06/17
Posts: 8
Loc: Iowa -Nebraska
Used to do it the old fashion way, catch pole and stand on t side.

Worked good till The little .17HMR came out. Now I shoot them off the hood of the truck at 25 to 40 yrds in the chest. Buy the time the rifle (Henry Lever action) is put back on the dash on its pad of carpet, and the time time I walk to the set the yote is gone.

I shoot 17 grainers...when skiing their is no head trauma to deal with and the little 17 leaves a super ting hole that needs no thread repair at all. Cost is $.25 shot.

Now I see Lesel Reuwsaat uses a high power pellet gun in his video with a shot to the head. While it makes good sense as ammo is around penny to 2 penny per shot.

But for the life of me I don;t understand the head shot. At 1250FPS for these super pellet guns one would think there would be allot of head hemoroging, which makes skinning hard around the eyes.

Hal...good advise on the chest shots, it works well for me.
Crackerjack Trapper & Predator Pursuant

#25165 - 08/19/17 07:40 PM Re: Coyote Dispatch [Re: ron finewood]
RoadDawg Offline

Registered: 03/06/13
Posts: 75
Loc: Pennsylvania
I always use the trusty H&R and a 22 short to the chest. Works quick and the critter doesn't know they got capped.
I am MAN/BEAR/PIG! Half Man, Half Bear, Half Pig!

#25174 - 08/21/17 08:28 PM Re: Coyote Dispatch [Re: ron finewood]
bhugo Offline

Registered: 02/17/08
Posts: 54
Loc: Michigan
22longs here. Chest shot takes seconds to work.

#25297 - 10/02/17 09:29 AM Re: Coyote Dispatch [Re: ron finewood]
Dogleg Offline
Initiate Member

Registered: 09/29/17
Posts: 6
Loc: Saskatchewan
I use .22 LR with American eagle HPs and chest shots. They don't last long.

When hunters tell me how tough and tenacious to life coyotes are I roll my eyes a bit.

#25317 - 10/08/17 07:01 AM Re: Coyote Dispatch [Re: Dogleg]
Dfabs Online   content

Registered: 09/18/16
Posts: 80
Loc: Morgantown, West Virginia
Got me a Death Ray on the way for this season!! No more blood.

#25599 - 12/11/17 01:48 PM Re: Coyote Dispatch [Re: Larry Sills]
Trickstertrapper Offline
Initiate Member

Registered: 11/03/16
Posts: 3
Loc: Eastern Oregon
I Bought that 17hmr in a ruger single six and that is what I use...just this year I noticed those 17 grainers going all the way through the chest cavity (broadside), so I started shooting them at the base of the neck when they are facing me, just above the collar bone...and it works real good...very little, if any, blood. They also die immediatly.

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#25610 - 12/13/17 09:53 AM Re: Coyote Dispatch [Re: Dfabs]
Mike McChurin Offline

Registered: 12/03/02
Posts: 497
Loc: NE Oklahoma
Originally Posted By: Dfabs
Got me a Death Ray on the way for this season!! No more blood.

I guess I am behind the times... I've heard the Death Ray name mentioned. What is it exactly?


#25611 - 12/13/17 12:29 PM Re: Coyote Dispatch [Re: ron finewood]
Hal Offline

Registered: 07/17/00
Posts: 9987
Loc: Blue Creek, Ohio, USA
It's a ray that kills things.
Endeavor to persevere.

#25612 - 12/13/17 02:27 PM Re: Coyote Dispatch [Re: Hal]
FLSH ETR Offline

Registered: 12/29/04
Posts: 1001
Loc: Cudahy, Wisconsin,USA
Would that be the reciprocal of a life line??

"A wise man once said nothing."

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