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#25104 - 08/07/17 05:23 PM Locked Out.
redsnow Online   content

Registered: 06/11/06
Posts: 2110
Loc: WV
Remember the other day when I was pickin on Frank, about someone breaking into his truck and stealing his stuff? I'm glad that it didn't happen, I'll tell you this real quick.

Here at work this morning, a guy locked his keys in his car. It was before 9 O'clock, when he told me what happened, and wanted to borrow a piece of wire. The only thing that I could find handy was a cheap wire-handled fly swatter. It was about shot anyway, so I cut off the swatter part and unwrapped the wires for him, loaned him my pliers, in case he needed a sharp kink or whatever.

I'd glance out and check on the man every now and then, see if he was making any progress. We had a steady rain all morning, it was a chilly rain, he was soaked, easy to see that he was frustrated. I asked him about 9:30 if he wanted me to call someone to get it unlocked. He said he was going to try it again.

About 10 O'clock he came back inside and asked me to make the call. I couldn't get in touch with the smooth talking, dope smoking dude that that hangs out at the body shop. (seems like he changes his phone # every other week.)

So, I called my bud John that owns the local towing service. I told him the situation, what kind of car it was, he told me that it'd be about $35. I said Ok, and he said he was on the way.

John rolled into the parking lot, I recognized him by his driving "style". According to the digital clock, John got out of his truck at 10:22 am, he opened the cars driver's side door at 10:24 am, at 10:26 am, both vehicles were off of my property. Still in sight, but on the road.

Like I said it was raining pretty good, John didn't fart around with it. I've known John all of my life, not sure what he would have charged the guy, if I wouldn't have called?

But that's just how quick someone can unlock your doors, if they know what they're doing.

#25106 - 08/07/17 07:06 PM Re: Locked Out. [Re: redsnow]
FLSH ETR Online   content

Registered: 12/29/04
Posts: 986
Loc: Cudahy, Wisconsin,USA
When my son was younger, he and all his buds were 'car guys'. It wasn't uncommon to see at least one of these guys with their car lock case. You see, on the TV, these safe/lock crackers with their small zippered case with tools that look like they came out of a dentist's office. Well to pick a car lock you need a suitcase size case, with lots of tools that just fit into that case. The thin tools have multiple angles and cuts. The instructions for use of the proper tool deal with make/model/year of the vehicle, and go something like this. "Slide the proper tool down against the outside of the drivers window, 2 1/2" in front of the inside lock,and down 6 1/2". Move the tool forward 3/4", then up 1", then to the rear 1/2". Now pull up to unlock. Follow path in reverse to remove tool." Just a made up example, but pretty close to the real thing. Quick and easy when you have the right stuff. Worked real good back then on the older vehicles. Don't know how that works on these newer cars. I think, on my ride, if I unlock with a key, I have to start the thing within so many seconds/minutes or it will either lock back up again, or all hell breaks loose with horn alarms. (don't really want to try it to find out) grin

"We have enough gun control; what we need is idiot control"

#25107 - 08/08/17 05:30 AM Re: Locked Out. [Re: redsnow]
musher Online   content

Registered: 07/22/03
Posts: 2036
Loc: Qc.
A simple opener I have seen used is in two parts. The guy pries open the top of the door near the window and slides in a deflated bladder which is then inflated thereby making a larger gap. Then a miniature catch pole is slide in and voila.

Almost longer to type the description. Wifey and I found a computer gadget at a tourist spot. It has all these plug in areas. From what I could glean from the net, it is a key bypass. Plug the right wire in the right slot and the car starts without a key. They are available online!

#25108 - 08/08/17 08:50 AM Re: Locked Out. [Re: redsnow]
redsnow Online   content

Registered: 06/11/06
Posts: 2110
Loc: WV
That's what John used out here in the parking lot yesterday. A little pillow looking thing, about the size of a post card. Pump it full of air, with a little "priming pump" thing, like you'd use on an outboard motor. Not sure how many PSI's you can build?

I've watched it up close before, it is pretty slick!

They've got mirrors, flashlights, hooks, wedges, magnets and all kinds of stuff in his little bag of tools.

Above Frank was talking about those "Slim Jim" things, I've got one here someplace, unless someone borrowed it again. I've bought 3 or 4 of those things. Seemed like on the older vehicles, they'd work fair, I've unlocked a few. Some cars are easy, some are not.

The guy from the body shop said on new vehicles there are so many wires in the doors, if you're not careful you can screw up the works. Last time I tinkered with the Slim Jim thing, it was a 4-door GMC truck, I couldn't do anything with it. Man from the body shop popped it open in a couple of minutes.

I got his new phone # yesterday. Never know, I might need it today.


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