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#25563 - 11/27/17 05:30 PM Coyote Stories:
ron finewood Offline

Registered: 03/31/10
Posts: 488
Loc: palmyra, new york
I spent over 3 weeks at my Northern NY camp, trapping. Now, I am home, trapping. If a genie appeared to me, after rubbing my Lantern, and granted me 1 wish, I would not wish for money. The smart thing to do, would be to wish for good health--but I am not that smart. I would wish to be a better Coyote trapper. I do have a medium size pile of nice Coyote pelts hanging in the barn, but I am never satisfied, it seems. Truth be told, I missed more Coyotes than I caught. The North line is mostly woods and logging roads. The home line is Farmland with interspersed woods, swamps and tons of roads and houses. And, yes, there are ample numbers of Coyotes in both locations.

This year, so far, I have used flat, urine post, dirthole, and every kind of presentation of trap and bait/lure that has ever been invented for Coyote trapping. There has been no measurable snow on the home line, but there was a couple inches of the white stuff up North.

I have had no traps dug out, so it appears that my bedding method and cleanliness deserves an A+. BUT:

I have had Coyotes walk right past sets [SNOW] and not stop. Both flat and dirtholes dug out from the side. Coyotes working sets from the upwind side. [?] Coyote tracks in the dirt/snow, right next to the pan. Coyotes crapping right next to sets and moving on. On and On and On.

I am trying to get better at foot guides--using marble size stones, weed stems, tiny piles of pebbles, big piles of dirt, small grass clumps, etc. Sometimes they worked--sometimes they didn't. I tried bedding back 9 inches to 12 inches. Centerline and offset to the right. I have and use curiosity, call, gland and everything lures. I am on my second quart of both Fox and Coyote urines. I check a lot of empty traps everyday.

Genie, if you just let me become a better Coyote trapper, I promise I will never ask for anything, ever, again!


#25564 - 11/27/17 06:51 PM Re: Coyote Stories: [Re: ron finewood]
FLSH ETR Online   content

Registered: 12/29/04
Posts: 986
Loc: Cudahy, Wisconsin,USA
See Ron, you're not only missing yotes, but you're wiffing on this genie thing. Your one wish should be that you should have a hundred more wishes. That way you could use one wish to be a better trap bedder, one for a better lure user, etc. Being better in segments. One wish could be for money to be used to hire a well known trapper to learn some silver bullet secret. Might even tag along with Hal for a couple of weeks. (better wish for a whole lot of money for that, I don't think renting Hal would be cheap) grin

Start polishing that lamp, Frank. cool
"We have enough gun control; what we need is idiot control"

#25565 - 11/28/17 05:42 AM Re: Coyote Stories: [Re: ron finewood]
musher Online   content

Registered: 07/22/03
Posts: 2036
Loc: Qc.
You always remember the fur you miss more than the fur you catch. I have a special name for fur I miss. I call them "breeders."

If you catch them all, there are none left.

#25601 - 12/11/17 02:28 PM Re: Coyote Stories: [Re: ron finewood]
Trickstertrapper Offline
Initiate Member

Registered: 11/03/16
Posts: 3
Loc: Eastern Oregon
Don't get discouraged...misses happen. Make sure your bait or lure is in the hole as far as you can get it so that he has to work to get it (make more tracks). Place two sets at every set location about 40-50 feet apart with different attractents and set presentations. And, also some coyotes have been toe-snapped by low tensioned traps, and they can recognize a set when they see one. Try hanging a snare for these dogs or making a sleeper set (bedding a trap 6 feet downwind of the set weeks before you make the set...and then dabbing a drop of lure from a long stick upwind of the trap when you make the set). If you miss by a 1/2 inch or so...then be patieint and re-bait the set...he should come work the set agian and you will catch him. Also, don't forget about the blind set for coyotes...just put a trap down in the center of a high-traffic trail and put a curved stick in front of the trap on the trail so he places his foot in front of the stick...or where he is crossing under a can usually see a place he puts his paw every time. Baits and lures are a red flag to over-trapped coyotes. I also notice that I catch better if there is a rain the night after I set my traps (scent). And, I catch more if I make a set in under 10 minutes (scent control). Also, the wind changes direction, you set your trap on the downwind side as far as the "prevailing winds"...however...if a coyote walks by whe the winds are blowing a different direction he will come in on the other side. There are no rules at all, I like to place some sticker weeds on the up wind side to encourage the coyote to circle to the trap...not very many just enough to be annoying. when you first start trapping a new area, set alot of traps. And, you will discover the sets and locations that catch...for whatever reason. Next year...I just set these locations and maybe a few new travel routes that I discover. Each year you build on to your line and when your line is finished (never) you have all sets that catch at least one coyote a year or every other year. Also, leave your traps out for at least 2 weeks. A wise dog may leave the area for a week or two after seeing your set and getting a wiff of you but weeks later he may work the set. Also save a front paw and let it dry out...they are helpful for putting tracks on the dirt that is covering your pan...They will think it is safe to step there.

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