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Looking to do some serious coyote trapping next year, I would like to run 300 traps. I want 3-100 trap lines (3 day check rule) and I want to trap from Oct 15th in the high country until December
in the low country. I'm thinking I sould move my traps every 14 days. The best that I have ever done is 10% on 50 traps (five per day)...but my average is less than 4%. I'm thinking it sould be much better like up around 7-9%.Does anyone have any numbers for sustainable trapping...like conservative numbers for the desert country out by Eastern Oregon? I know there are a lot of veriables but, I have nothing to compare my numbers to. I just need some ball park numbers for predicting income and comparing my numbers to that of the "Trapping Greats" (that's you, Hal) So that I can set goals and know where I stand. I'm an intermediate trapper...but I am seeking greatness.

Sounds Ike an adventure. I hope you tell us how it all turns out if you get after it. Id like to hear your take on what youd do again.