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#25841 - 02/12/18 08:46 AM One regret
FLSH ETR Online   content

Registered: 12/29/04
Posts: 921
Loc: Cudahy, Wisconsin,USA
First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hal!! Welcome to the autumn years of your life.

There are times when we reflect on some of the 'woulda, coulda, shoulda's' in our lives. Just wondering if you, Hal, or any others on this site, would share that one moment when we didn't answer the door when opportunity knocked. Mine? I wish I would have learned the game of chess. My dad tried to teach me, but my dumb ass was always too busy with 'more important' things. I could have spent more quality time with him when he was in the winter years of his life.

"They say with age comes wisdom. I don't think I'm aging."

#25844 - 02/12/18 07:02 PM Re: One regret [Re: FLSH ETR]
redsnow Online   content

Registered: 06/11/06
Posts: 1915
Loc: WV
Very good topic.

Frank, yes that would have been good for you and Dad to match wits. Chess is a good game, very simple rules, once you know the pieces, and what they can and can't do. We had a little "chess club" while I was in high school. We always had the boards set up, back in the corner of the library, where we could concentrate.

Just thinking about it now, probably the easiest way to learn would be to just ask someone to play a game with you 1 on 1. Have him/her explain the rules, for each piece.

There for a while, I played online a good bit, Yahoo Games. That will match you up against another real person. Just stay away from the "timed games", sometimes you might only have a chance to make 2 moves, times up, and you lose!

#25847 - 02/13/18 10:30 PM Re: One regret [Re: FLSH ETR]
Hal Offline

Registered: 07/17/00
Posts: 9884
Loc: Blue Creek, Ohio, USA
I wish I had bought a thousand dollars worth of Microsoft stock 30 years ago.
Endeavor to persevere.

#25849 - 02/14/18 08:40 AM Re: One regret [Re: FLSH ETR]
ron finewood Online   content

Registered: 03/31/10
Posts: 449
Loc: palmyra, new york
If you had done that, Hal, then you probably wouldn't be writing all those good articles for us poor people to read. You'd probably be checking Beaver traps in a heated Pontoon boat.


#25850 - 02/14/18 09:29 AM Re: One regret [Re: FLSH ETR]
Minky Vibe Offline
Initiate Member

Registered: 01/01/18
Posts: 13
I'm still a young guy (40). But I hang around old farts in their autumn years a lot. I've learned that money isn't everything. You can't buy more time so live now as if I were in my winter years. Old farts in their autumn/winter years are wise due to the fact that they already learned the hard way in some cases. So I've learned to listen more and talk less. I wish I would've done so sooner.

Oh and Happy Belated Birthday Hal. smile

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