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#26057 - 07/03/18 04:31 PM Best meats for baits?

I have some of Reuwsaat's Bait Solution and I'm looking for suggestions on what to mix with it. Anyone have any ideas? I'm targeting mainly coyotes, bobcats, & grey fox.
How would these work?
#1. Rabbit
#2. Chicken
#3. Rattlesnake
#4. Mackerel
#5. Bull Fries
#6. Venison
#7. Pork
#9. Bobcat Meat
#10. Beef.
I'd love to hear you comments or suggestions!

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#26059 - 07/04/18 05:00 AM Re: Best meats for baits? [Re: ]
Utk1 Offline

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Iíd opt for the deer and bobcat with the solution. The snake either lightly tainted and stopped with a touch of castor and honey or well tainted with more castor and honey. Castor will bring rotted down bases back to tolerable levels. The possibilities are endless. I like to dabble too but a pint of good store bought bait makes a lot of sets using the tip of a butter knife in a punch hole on a bit of sheeps wool. I knew a guy that caught a dozen coyotes on an eight ounce jar of Carmans bait. He made many many sets with that bottle , he was just starting out, by just dipping it in a stick and putting in hole. I think we have a tendency to use too much bait and lure at sets especially for coyotes.

#26072 - 07/10/18 08:07 PM Re: Best meats for baits? [Re: Utk1]
Seldom Offline

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My coyotes up here like beaver, horse, and cat. I tested OGís snake lure a few years ago and the coyotes would approach to within maybe 6í-8í, stop, turn and leave. Maybe in TX where there are snakes the reaction could be completely different.

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#26073 - 07/10/18 08:25 PM Re: Best meats for baits? [Re: Utk1]
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I donít know about this too-little, too-much bait business. I seem to find new properties that do not allow for exposed sign so I drill a deep, 3Ē hole and dump in a cup of a mixture of old lures and bait down the hole. If Iíve got coyotes on that property and Iíve figured correctly where they should be traveling(on location) they will have that hole dug out and down 18Ē within a week! Thatís a cup of scent, not a teaspoon and they dig to China to get at it. I have yet to see in snow where coyotes showed an inclination not to approach a set because of too much scent. A heaping tablespoon doesnít seem to deter my coyotes at all and snow doesnít lie. LOL

What I will see when I use a hefty tablespoon of strong, rank bait in a mouse hole and covered with maybe 3Ē-4Ē of snow, I can get shoulder rubbing/rolling even though the bait is down 5Ē-6Ē in the hole. I figure due to the snow muffling and maybe mushroomimg the scent so not allowing the coyote to actually pinpoint the scent location, they dive in with the shoulder. Itís very interesting to observe this because Iíll get a sprung trap with hair but every coyote that has done this will just walk about 10í from the set and roll around in the snow before going on about itís business. LOL

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#26074 - 07/10/18 08:54 PM Re: Best meats for baits? [Re: ]
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