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#26171 - 08/18/18 02:55 PM Trap wax
gman Offline

Registered: 02/26/17
Posts: 28
Loc: New York
I just finished waxing my traps but I noticed little specs of dye in the wax. Can this wax be used next year without fear of contamination ? It would be a shame to have to throw it all out.

#26173 - 08/18/18 07:18 PM Re: Trap wax [Re: gman]
Ric Offline

Registered: 07/22/00
Posts: 3692
Loc: Wellington,OH=USA

#26174 - 08/18/18 07:33 PM Re: Trap wax [Re: gman]
Utk1 Offline

Registered: 10/04/15
Posts: 178
Loc: S.E. Kentucky
I like dark wax from several years of using the wax pot.

#26176 - 08/19/18 10:31 AM Re: Trap wax [Re: gman]
Hal Offline

Registered: 07/17/00
Posts: 10171
Loc: Blue Creek, Ohio, USA
Those little flecks of dye won't hurt anything. It's actually hard to contaminate a wax pot. The worst contaminant is animal odors. Failure to completely deodorize a "skunked" trap can contaminate a wax pot. Here's a good one from years back, when I was church-mouse poor. Our neighbors had bees, when they drained out the honey from the comb, they gave me the comb. I had the bright idea I would mix it with paraffin with bee's wax to make trap wax. I put the bee's wax in boiling water and let the wax rise to the top. But let me tell you just melting the wax in boiling water was not enough to take away the honey odor. I made the trap wax and waxed my traps. There are very few critter who won't try to dig up honey when they smell it. smile smile
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