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#26239 - 09/16/18 06:07 PM Memory
ron finewood Online   content

Registered: 03/31/10
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Loc: palmyra, new york
I think everybody has heard the axiom that once you learn to swim, you never forget. Same goes for riding a bicycle--although I could probably ride a bike better 20 years ago than I could now. And 40 years ago, I could peddle a bike without touching the handle bars. Maybe.

I primarily land trap, with the occasional set for beaver/otter/mink if the area and situation presents itself. Since I usually stop land trapping in December, due to cold, snow and more cold, it is about 10 months before land trapping season reopens. Around here, season opens October 25th. About this time every year, mid/late September, I start worrying that I forgot how to make a set. When I get rolling in the fall, I can slap in a land set in minutes. I usually pre-pick my spot, grab a trap with earth anchor, my "scent free" setting bag and my bait/lure bucket and walk directly to the exact spot. I throw down my kneeling board, make the set, and reverse direction in minutes. Now, I am starting to worry.

What if the earth anchor hits a gigantic boulder? What if the earth anchor goes in, BUT 2 inches away there is a rock and I can't bed the trap? What if I get the trap bedded, but it keeps rocking? What if, in the new trapping season, I forgot something---after all, it's been 10 months since I did this.

I go through this every year. Anticipation? Forgetfulness? Will I remember how to do it? Will it take me 15 minutes to make a set? Every year, once I get going and make a few sets, it all comes back and things fall into place, but the anticipation is killing me.

I think this year, maybe tomorrow, I will go behind the house and make a dirt hole set, without a trap, and see if I can "catch" the dog! I think I need to get my trappers trowel dirty.

Does anyone else have these pre-season doubts and jitters? ---or should I call up the local "shrink" and get checked out??


#26241 - 09/17/18 10:24 AM Re: Memory [Re: ron finewood]
Hal Offline

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Loc: Blue Creek, Ohio, USA
smile You worry too much.
Endeavor to persevere.


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