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#26367 - 11/12/18 04:08 PM Coon Pelt
FLSH ETR Online   content

Registered: 12/29/04
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Loc: Cudahy, Wisconsin,USA
I pulled a young coon out of one of my DPs, skun it, fleshed it, and boarded it. Got it hanging in my basement workshop at home now, sort of in front of a furnace vent that blows just warm air into the area. Been hanging there for a couple of weeks now. The pelt is blue all right, but I'll be sending it off to get tanned, along with another larger one for hats. My concern here is that it won't stop oozing oil from the pelt. I wipe it down occasionally, but it still is not drying. Do you think the warm air is the culprit? Should I pull the board down and let it sit for a while in a cooler place? Will be leaving for hunting camp in two days. Help??

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#26368 - 11/13/18 05:23 AM Re: Coon Pelt [Re: FLSH ETR]
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Registered: 09/18/16
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Loc: Morgantown, West Virginia
Coon will keep sweating if they are kept where it is warm. I like to keep my coon someplace cool until I sell them. If itís been hanging there a couple weeks, it should be way beyond dry. My recommendation would be to store it in the freezer or someplace cool until you send it to the tannery. You shouldnít need to leave it on the board. Itís best to hang them upside down too so the oil doesnít run into the fur while they are drying. I usually keep mine on boards for about 3 days to a week depending on whether I need the boards and I will have to wipe them off once a day then I take them off the boards and store them somewhere cool until March when I sell them.
I released 2 small ones last week, and caught 4 big boars that I skinned. My son set the traps while he was off school for Election Day and we checked them the next morning. He didnít do bad for having 10 traps out the first night and 3 the next night. Iím gonna put out a short canine line to run for 4 or 5 days before rifle season comes in. Hopefully I can punch something while itís still worth skinning. By the time the rifle seasons are over, the canines here are going downhill pretty bad. I still seem to catch a lot of good coon into January though if it doesnít get cold enough to make them den up before that.

#26369 - 11/13/18 05:33 AM Re: Coon Pelt [Re: FLSH ETR]
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Loc: Wisconsin
FLSH ETR, I had this same issue with a couple of raccoon pelts last season as well. In my case the pelts were in an area 60-65 F ish. I ended up just tanning them as well.


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