I just got a call from the manager of some rental properties in town (Portsmouth). Seems like there is a coon chewing up one of their rental properties. She called the game warden, and got my number. I don't know why. Just a few years ago, Ohio instituted a "Nuisance Wildlife operators license. I will go to my grave believing this was at the behest of ADC (Animal Damage Control) trappers who wanted to increase their customer base. Before I could, if I had wanted to, trapped that coon and charged the lady a fee. But as I explained to her, I was not compelled to apply for one of those nuisance permits, so I was legally prohibited from charging her to catch that coon -- and I damn sure wasn't doing it for nothing.

So now she will have to find some licensed nuisance trapper. (And the damn game warden will have to stop giving out my number.) I'll bet it will cost her $1000 to get rid of that coon.

(And Californians can get read for that same bullshit.)

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