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#27456 - 03/14/20 09:28 AM Re: Plowed in, plowed out! [Re: redsnow]
FLSH ETR Online   content

Registered: 12/29/04
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Loc: Cudahy, Wisconsin,USA
Thanks for the advice. We're taking a knee now to fuel the barrel heater, so it won't be a big deal with the Vogelzang. If we find that it should be installed on some sort of brick or block, we can always lift it and shorten the smoke pipe. As far as framing in the porches, they've been designed for that. However, it ain't currently on my radar. To tell you the truth, that blast of cold air when the door get opened feels and smells good. And remember we use the cabin all year, so a breeze coming through the screen door is required during a hot summer day. Actually, I've got another solar panel on order, and will install a second 12V battery to the system. That might be able to power a fan to circulate the stagnant air for more comfort. And again, we don't live there, just visit for a week or so. Can put up with a little discomfort for that amount of time. And, I'll take too hot or too cold over bugs any day! grin

"Only when you carry your own water will you know the value of every drop."

#27458 - 03/15/20 07:56 AM Re: Plowed in, plowed out! [Re: FLSH ETR]
redsnow Offline

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I'll be. I'd never noticed the short legs on the barrel stove. Honestly, the only barrel stove I've ever had my hands on was the one the guys used in the King's house. It was a double barrel, with the top barrel more or less an extension of the flu pipe. I guess it worked ok? I never did see it working. But I was looking over top of your barrel stove. Add knee pads to the list.

I think about your Up North Camp as a place for hunting and trapping, cold weather, and never once considered bugs.

Just looked outside to check the weather, it's 35* here with rain/sleet, ice on the vehicles. Just heard there was 3 inches of slush at Mount Storm, WV. Thinking, during hot summer nights, sitting outside on the porch is almost a daily routine for me. Get off work, eat supper and sit outside for a little bit. It usually cools down pretty good here at night. I can turn off my dusk/dawn lights, then you can see the sky better. And cuts down on the bugs too. Those bugs you're talking about would be hard to handle.

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