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#28087 - 03/25/21 07:34 PM Re: The final check. [Re: redsnow]
musher Online   content

Registered: 07/22/03
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Very few, if any, places I trap have cell coverage. My home doesn't have any. I don't own a cell phone. My wife has an old one from the kids she keeps in her car for when we travel.

I do have a satellite phone. It has come in handy a couple of times.

I have a few things in my truck in case of a bind. They include: duct tape, flagging tape, vise grips, screw driver, good knife, a couple of Silky saws, fire starters, lighters, tire iron, 4 foot jack, tow rope, shovel, usually an axe, booster cables, granola bar or three and juice packs, socks, gloves, tuque, fly dope, paper towels, and fuses for the truck. In the fall I put the winch on for trapping season. If it will be windy, I might have a chainsaw with its gear.

A couple of years ago i got the truck stuck after crossing a stream. The right front tire was of the ground and the ass of the truck was sliding off the road towards a marsh. It was really close to tipping and rolling. I was able to tie the front end and use the cell phone to call my wife. She came with the winch and I got out easily. Since then, the winch goes on prior to the season.

#28093 - 03/29/21 06:38 AM Re: The final check. [Re: redsnow]
redsnow Online   content

Registered: 06/11/06
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Loc: WV
"The ole front tire in the air" trick. I know exactly what you mean.

A lot of times when a feller gets in a bind like that, you only need to pull the truck 3 or 4 or 5 feet, and it'll pop right out.

I'll finish my comment in a little bit, gotta get to work. (sorry for the delay.)

Above where I listed the junk that I haul around, I forgot ratchet straps.

One reason that I carry so much chain and rope, it to be able to reach a solit anchor, just in case I do get stuck.

I'll tell you, one man alone can't pull up 30 or 40 feet of log chain and hook up a come-a-long at the same time. I try not to get in a bind to start with, but it happens. The easiest way to get hooked up tight, is to find your anchor (tree), pull up the chain as tight as you can and then catch it off with a ratchet strap. Then you can at least get it somewhat tight, then you hook up your come=a-long, once you catch the load, then put the truck into neutral and crank away.

Sometimes you'll need to go another 4 or 5 feet, with the second come-a-long, you can bypass the first one and keep right on cranking. That'll free up the first one, and you can do the same thing again, and again. It might take a while and it's a pain in the ass, but still better than walking away from your vehicle.

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