Long story short, Moe and I went groundhog hunting the other day.

Moe and I talked the evening before, I gave him $25 and told him to get us a couple steaks and taters, and I'd meet him at the old King's house, as soon as I got off work.

My turn to buy, Moe's turn to cook.

I met him at the house, we went to the groundhog farm and watched the man's fields till a little after sundown. Only killed one pig, the only one that came out.

Went back to the camp, Moe fried up a couple good steaks, BS'd for a while and turned in. Moe sleeps in room 2-A, my bed is over in room 2-C. Sometime during the night I woke up and had to take a leak. I'll tell you it was pitch black in the house.

I was wide awake, knew exactly where I needed to go, and still bumped into about everything. From my room to the bathroom, you go down 2 small steps, then down one big step, and another small step into the bathroom.

I was standing there taking a whiz and felt something splat on my foot, here I'd cut my elbow on the door frame. The doors are framed with planed 1 X 4's, those edges are sharp. No big deal, but it was dripping pretty good.

Moe and I talked about it later, I asked him to get us some kind of lights, before one of us does get hurt. A tumble down the main set of stairs would be bad news.

Anyway, 6 lights and an 18-pack of AAA batteries cost me $45. Motion activated, with 6 LED bulbs each, they are bright. The little things are about the size of a wide=mouth jar lid.

First chance we get, we're going to go up and get them in place. $45 is cheap insurance.