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#2841 - 08/17/05 11:08 AM Re: Paw damage on Grey fox........ Need imput
jwr Offline

Registered: 02/19/03
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Loc: ark
Buzz is it possible that yote came in from the side making the jaws catch the side of the paw. That could keep the spring levers from rising enough to LOCK the jaws down. Then with just a little fighting the trap it could twist around for a good pad catch, but in twisting cause the damage. I seen a yote step in a trap several years ago while I was on a deer stand. When looking through the scope I could see he was caught on the sides of the paw but when I got to him (3 minutes max) the paw had slipped around and broke the hide in the process. just a thought

#2842 - 08/17/05 05:25 PM Re: Paw damage on Grey fox........ Need imput
Junior Member

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Buzz your getting close to the same results that I got with the same set-up. Like anything else there are alot of variables to pay attention to. The first thing i would do is try to lighten up on the trap size 1.75 should be the max. O.S. is good but they need to be 4 coiled with the Taos springs. From there you can put gas line or someother rubber covering over the inside of each jaw. Sort of a home made softcatch but way more durable. As soon as my dauter has the time I'll have her make some digital pic's of a set- up that we've been working on and w/ for several years. But as with anything it's not 100% - close though

#2843 - 08/17/05 09:43 PM Re: Paw damage on Grey fox........ Need imput
Mike Marchewka Offline

Registered: 01/31/02
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Loc: Crystal Lake,Illinois
Was house bound today with kids...watched JCs videos..again...great stuff! I watched him release several reds and a few grays from the Jake trap....grabbed them by the scruff of their neck and rubbed the caught paw...and let them run. All critters were caught on dragged traps...makes one wonder about dragged trap benefits.

#2844 - 03/02/06 03:42 PM Re: Paw damage on Grey fox........ Need imput
Buzzard.. Offline

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Back up simply because its a good read

#25343 - 10/17/17 12:15 PM Re: Paw damage on Grey fox........ Need imput [Re: Buzzard..]
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