Here where I live, everything is private land, There are very few places where you can get an honest air mile from a road or trail. We can go to the National Forest land, and then you can get out in the boonies.

We have a local hunt club that is over 13,000 acres. I think it's one of the biggest in the state, but there are roads. I'm a member, when I go there, I go with a full tank of gas.

I won't say that our deer and bear get nervous, but they do get spooky. Seems like as a rule, about the 2nd week of buck season (early December) deer and bear are in the thickest and meanest places you can find. Once it gets that time of year, just about all of my trail camera pictures are nighttime.

You see, for years and years, West Virginia only had a bear season in 10 of our 55 counties. What the state refers to as the "Mountain Counties". Today, juat about all 55 counties have a bear season.

The way it worked in this area, in my early years of hunting. Buck season started the week of Thanksgiving, for 2 weeks. The limit was one buck. We couldn't hunt on Sunday, until recently. Then bear season started Monday, after deer season, until December 31. January 1st, all big game seasons were closed, until fall.

I remember when the DNR started our doe season, long time ago.

Our bear population spiked. The DNR added both weeks of buck season, then they added an early September bear season, then they added "youth seasons" and a few years ago started the Mountain Heritage Hunt.

One of the reasons for the original December bear season, The DNR was trying to protect the bred female bear. The DNR's plan worked, we had a pile of bear. Too many bear.

I've mentioned it above or in another thread? From one season to the next, the DNR took away 2 weeks of bear & deer season combined. There are more hunters in the mountains of WV during the first week of buck season, than any other time of the year.

The week of Thanksgiving, kids and family are home, it's been like that for years. And the game is on the run.

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