It's been almost 6 months since I started spraying autumn olive bushes, I'll make a note of what they look like now.

The olives that I've sprayed, looking at a bush from say, 50 yards, you can see daylight through the bush. I'm finding more and more dead branches, I mean branches that are dry and brittle.

We haven't had our first frost yet, but it won't be long. For the time being, I'm going to let things ride, and we'll see what things look like next Spring.

There is one olive bush, that I am going to cut down, the stump on that one is right at 6 inches in diameter. That's the biggest one that I've found. I'd like to count the growth rings. Just curious.

Most of the olives that I've sprayed are growing more like in a clump. Some of them have over 20 stems.

Another thing that I'll comment on, the multiflora bushes that I've sprayed pretty heavy. The tops are dead, I mean from the ground up. Who knows about the roots?

I found an article about the best way to control multiflora, it said to spray them during the growing season. It's too late to spray this year. But my plan is to start on them next spring.

We've got quite a few rose bushes on the farm, honestly they are not really that bad. That will take quite a bit of spray, but it'd be nice to kill them off too.

Thinking about the olive that I'm going cut, thinking about giving the "log" to one of my friends who has a wood lathe, and see what he comes up with. I might be able to get a 15 inch log?