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#3495 - 11/24/06 02:22 PM Re: Dispatching Coyotes -- Heart/Lung Shot
Hal Offline

Registered: 07/17/00
Posts: 10003
Loc: Blue Creek, Ohio, USA
Right now, I'm using Remington sub-sonic hollow points (just because I've got a lot of them). But, I am getting an exit hole.

Anybody else have experience with ammo that doesn't exit? I would prefer that.

quest -- Hal
Endeavor to persevere.

#3496 - 11/24/06 03:15 PM Re: Dispatching Coyotes -- Heart/Lung Shot
NEA Trapper Offline

Registered: 06/16/06
Posts: 74
Loc: arkansas
I've dispatched 3 coyotes in the past 2 days with lung shots, this does put them down quick. I'm using the lightning bolt solid point. I looked at the sub-sonics they travel a lot slower but, was afraid of the hollow point doing fur damage. Have you experienced anymore than usual fur damage with the hollow points (Hal)? I have an old single shot that shoots 22 shorts. I'm going to sight it in this weekend and I will try dispatching with the 22 shorts they travel a lot slower and lighter grain bullet. I don't think they will exit. We'll see. I keep you posted.

#3497 - 11/24/06 03:35 PM Re: Dispatching Coyotes -- Heart/Lung Shot
musher Online   content

Registered: 07/22/03
Posts: 2047
Loc: Qc.
I have extremely limited experience with coyotes. I did catch one this year on the line (45 lb. female, 43 inches long from nose to base of tail unskinned) and 1 shot from a subsonic would not have been my bullet of choice.

It has also been my experience that they are a poor choice in euthanizing a dog of any size.

What's the size of these 'yotes that are going down so easily?

The amount of blood surprises me also. How quickly after dispatch is skinning being done?

Blood at the set can be minimized by removing the catch right after the shot and placing it away from the set while the remake is being made.

I would also like to know more about the CCI Quick Shock.

#3498 - 11/24/06 05:36 PM Re: Dispatching Coyotes -- Heart/Lung Shot
Ric Offline

Registered: 07/22/00
Posts: 3677
Loc: Wellington,OH=USA
I also get exits with the PMC sub sonics I use.Between the repair job and the mess I'll take the repair.

Tom swears by the cci "quick shock" round.It makes sence,the form of the bullet fragments(shrapnel)alow much less penetration than a typical bullet form

NEA,when useing the H/L shot on coyotes I always use a hollow point round.A solid bullet just doesn't cause enought tissue damage for reliable rapid dispatch with this bullet placement.

#3499 - 11/25/06 08:17 AM Re: Dispatching Coyotes -- Heart/Lung Shot
COYOTE12 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06/01/01
Posts: 9
Loc: fort morgan CO USA
I have dispatched coyotes for years with the heart lung shot method.I have found the 22 lr hollow point,shot out of a revolver doesn't leave an exit hole very often.Rifles always do,I don't like 22 shorts because they don't always kill the animal

#3500 - 11/28/06 02:21 PM Re: Dispatching Coyotes -- Heart/Lung Shot
Dusty Offline

Registered: 12/15/00
Posts: 420
Loc: North Pole, Alaska, USA
and perhaps skull sales but besides that

Skulls are important to some of us! Those that don't sell have scientific value, unless there's a big hole in it!

I haven't head-shot a critter in a LONG time. Cheapy 22 solids are what I prefer. I get an exit hole most of the time on coyotes and lynx. So what - it's a .22 hole! I don't bother to sew it up. I've been carrying a 22 Hornet lately, and shooting trapped critters (mostly wolves) with that. It works fine as well, but a couple stitches are sometimes required.

Paper towel in the hole(s) before you try to haul your critter off saves some leakage, sometimes.

#3501 - 11/30/06 12:07 PM Re: Dispatching Coyotes -- Heart/Lung Shot
Bobber Offline

Registered: 01/04/05
Posts: 84
Loc: Arcade N.Y.
I use the CCI high velocity HP .22 short and find it doesn't exit 60% of the time, and dispatchs well. I have used the Remington .22 sub-sonic in a four inch barrelled revolver and they don't aways exit either. From a rifle they almost always do, but kill much better than solids, and leave a dime size hole at most. I also find that it is better to use a rifle with a scope and shoot them from a little distance if possible. They don't get as agitated as when you are close and use the pistol. Very good post Hal, and the picture will help a lot of folks.

#3502 - 12/01/06 12:51 PM Re: Dispatching Coyotes -- Heart/Lung Shot
Dusty Offline

Registered: 12/15/00
Posts: 420
Loc: North Pole, Alaska, USA
kill much better than solids

What does that mean? Are they deader, or just get there quicker, or what?

A dime-sized hole will most likely come back from the tannery as a hole. You'll have a hard time finding a .22 hole in a tanned pelt.

#3503 - 12/02/06 10:44 AM Re: Dispatching Coyotes -- Heart/Lung Shot
willie Offline

Registered: 08/22/06
Posts: 27
Loc: MO
I"ve ben using 17 hmr frome a ruger singel six frome about 10-12 feet. with no exit hole problems.I always make shure I"m on a slight angel not squar broad side. that way your shure to pick up a rib. when the polimar tip bullet hits that the party is over.I did have a passthrou on a bob cat last year.made 1/8 inch hole in 3/16 out.she jumpted straght up hit the ground rolled over. end of story. All my coon sets are on drownders. One of them is to short. 2 coon off this set wer sitten on the bag weighten the 17 in the chest no exit thay dont even no ther hit.3 seconds latter thay rool over. I was a littel high on one hit the jugler vain hunge it over a log re maid set perty much all drained out. Rensted off in water put in boat verry littel mess.

#3504 - 12/04/06 02:27 PM Re: Dispatching Coyotes -- Heart/Lung Shot
Samuelhasguns Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 10/26/06
Posts: 6
Loc: Clarks Summit, Pa
Great Post Hal!! Keep up the good work..Sam

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