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#4040 - 08/25/06 10:02 AM Running a Skunk Line
TrapperScott Offline

Registered: 07/01/06
Posts: 96
Loc: Cologne, Minnesota
Has anyone targeted skunks in the trapping season.

OK, I doubt there are many. But those that have do you have any advice on how to go after these critters?

#4041 - 08/25/06 11:24 AM Re: Running a Skunk Line
Hal Online   content

Registered: 07/17/00
Posts: 9973
Loc: Blue Creek, Ohio, USA
I've never specifically targeted skunks, so maybe I'm not qualified to help here. By the same token, you're not likely to find very many trappers left out there who actually have targeted skunks for their fur. Back during the Great Depression, a skunk pelt could easily bring you a week's wages.

That said, let's consider this a serious question.

If you really do want to target skunks, I would suggest a very loud bait and keep your sets near "cover" including brush piles and dozer piles, and rock places where the skunks can find cover. Bodygrips might be a good idea, providing you could avoid pets. (Maybe somebody can comment on this, but I've often wondered if a #120 size trap wouldn't make a good skunk traps.) If you use foot traps, use double jaw traps. Skunks are one other critter that sometimes exhibits self inflicted biting. Trap early, skunks are semi hibernators, and stay denned up during periods of cold weather.

smile -- Hal
Endeavor to persevere.

#4042 - 08/25/06 01:28 PM Re: Running a Skunk Line
45/70 Offline

Registered: 04/10/01
Posts: 832
Loc: South Georgia, usA
Hal, your comment on not finding many folks who delibertly targeted skunks brought back an old memory.

Back during the high dollar days of fur, this was in 1978 I believe, my pardner and I stopped to visit with a fur buyer I knew in Cisco, North (cold) Georgia.

Among the folks hanging around were a couple of new fox trappers, that had a couple of seasons under their belts, and strutted around thinking that they knew it all.

These two whippoorwills were getting antsy, and edgey, because Johnny wouldn't interrupt his business with a shure-nuff old-time trapper who was selling. Johnny had finished with the oldtimer's fox, coon, cats, possums, rats, and mink, and was fixing to start on his skunks -- about fifty of them.

Well Sir, that lit one of these Johnny-Come-Lately's short fuse, and he brushed up against the table, and "accidently" knocked the piles of skunk hides onto the floor. He looked around grinning a little smug grin, and said, "I wouldn't skin a skunk fur hit. Get this mess outen the way, and look at our fur!"

Johnny, laid a hand on the old man's shoulder, just as his knife was clearing leather, and
looking straight at the old man, said, "tell 'em Pete".

Pete, grunted like-unto a bear, and said "Yep, I 'spect you would, ifin your daughter and son-in-law was both killed in the same car wreck, and left you with seven hungry young'uns to feed."

The knife was still out. Johnny stepped between Pete and the two jaybirds, and told them, "I'm sort of particular who I deal with, and younses don't qualify. Don't come back. You might get hurt".

They wern't happy, they tried to apologize (too litle, too late), and "but, buy, but it's over a hundred miles and all the way thru Atlanta to the next buyer".

Johnny said, "I 'spect you'd better get started then".

Johnny died only a few years later, but that cold mid-January evening in 1978, he gained a lot of new respect not only from my pard and I, but from the several other trappers come to sell their fur that night.

RKBA !!!

#4043 - 08/25/06 01:37 PM Re: Running a Skunk Line
TrapperScott Offline

Registered: 07/01/06
Posts: 96
Loc: Cologne, Minnesota
Thank you for your reply. I realize many trappers would shake their head in confusion at this posting.

I did read that skunks like rock piles. What do you experienced trappers [who are not still laughing hysterically] think about setting up a few rock piles along your (my) line.

Dig a hole in the ground, bigger the better, build two parallel lines with rocks starting at the front edge of the hole.

Start with small rocks and then use progressively larger rocks. Then lay a flat rock or slab of concrete over the rocks you lay to form a lean-to.

Then come trapping season set your traps at or somewhere near the entrance.

And for you none believers, remember this famous quote "no one ever stole a trap with a skunk in it."

#4044 - 08/25/06 05:01 PM Re: Running a Skunk Line
archer01 Offline

Registered: 03/25/05
Posts: 340
Loc: N.E. Penna.
Great quote ! I'm still laughing.
You made my day, Thankyou !

#4045 - 08/25/06 08:59 PM Re: Running a Skunk Line
Beback Offline

Registered: 04/09/06
Posts: 29
Loc: SW Ohio
If you have any cow pasture around set the edges any brush/rock piles(dirt holes work great).Skunks love to dig in cow pies looking for bugs and worms.Fish/fish oil is a good bait/lure.
The only draw back is the cows will come over too, to check out the smell. Set the trap up close to the piles or fence line so the traps don't get steped on. Good luck.

#4046 - 08/26/06 08:21 AM Re: Running a Skunk Line
Ric Online   content

Registered: 07/22/00
Posts: 3667
Loc: Wellington,OH=USA
No need to be defensive Scott.For the last several years the skunks I've taken have averaged way more than my raccoon.Another plus is that the set it was caught at more than likely just got a little better. For a several years we lived on a State park and after the campers went home for the season I was asked to thin down the population.Granted this was not a normal situation,I was working with a population that had been pre-baited nightly for 5 months.
Good,tuned 120's in established trails work very well.I was happy not to use cage traps and the park manager was happy not to need to explain to the "concerned public" why he was allowing me to do it.After the free loaders near the camp grounds were thinned out I would move back to what I thought of as good denning areas,in that country rocky bluffs and ravines with a multitude of denning sites and food.A simple cubby was the set used most with lightly tainted fish for bait,lure would have been R.Fox gland.Never went in for the real rank type baits,just increased the 'possum catch.Which weren't bad money at the time but wasn't what I was asked to catch.About the end of December the skunks would take a month long nap,then in Febuary the mateing cycle would start up and I'd trap the denning areas for a couple more weeks till the general trapping season ended.While most land furbearers were pretty much on the downhill side by then .Those late winter skunks were still in pretty good shape

#4047 - 08/29/06 09:31 AM Re: Running a Skunk Line
Frenchman Offline

Registered: 02/15/05
Posts: 34
Loc: Quebec, Canada
Well, I don't target them, but caught over 60 last year - averaged about 7$ for the pelt plus $5 for the musk - so yes, skunks welcome in my traps anytime.

HOWEVER, I catch them all in coon buckets or fisher sets on the ground.

If I were gonna go after skunks only, 120s in coni-boxes would be the way to go, but if I had a chance at incidentals (raccoons), 160s would be even better (if legal).

Any junctions of two habitats, old barns, dry culverts, and edges of sloughs and ponds make great skunk locations. Beehives are also skunk magnets, as are old dumps.

Skunk Trapping - The smell of success!!!

#25358 - 10/17/17 12:20 PM Re: Running a Skunk Line [Re: TrapperScott]
Archive Offline

Registered: 03/12/03
Posts: 1116
Dated for search.


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