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#4484 - 06/18/06 11:44 PM slide cables for fox
dave fulmele Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06/09/06
Posts: 2
Loc: penna
want to try and use slide cables on some traps,maybe 10 to 25 feet.have to hide fox away from bunny my area of chester co. pa it is hard to set were you need to be.(EDIT..has any one used these and what was your set up..Ric)

reguards,dave f.

#4485 - 06/19/06 06:14 AM Re: slide cables for fox
Dale F Offline

Registered: 01/09/01
Posts: 552
Loc: Erie, IL
Maybe I didn't give them enough time, but I didn't like them. I do use them in water and although only used them on land for coon the problem I had was once the coon reached the end of the slide and the struggle began there were some that would get under the cable and this allowed the chain to stop working and allowed some to escape. I had the cable tight but this still happened.

#4486 - 06/19/06 02:08 PM Re: slide cables for fox
redsnow Offline

Registered: 06/11/06
Posts: 2083
Loc: WV
I've rigged a few traps this way. my plan was to keep my animals out of sight, hard to explain the situation, but i'll try. i used 1/8 inch cable 10 or 12 feet long, staked on both ends, using a common swivel/drowning lock for the lock. it will work, but, takes time to set. i only used them where the road-bank was steep on the down-hill side. basically, the same as a drowning set-up for beaver, without the water. last winter i trapped the same area that i'm thinking about and set my traps on drags, at some locations i wired a RR tie-plate to the drag and tossed it over the bank. a fox or coon couldn't pull the weight back into the road. they would go downhill till they tangled. it was a semi-public road, but i could rig the trap, make the set, toss the drag over the bank and move on. every set is different, i like wooden drags also. hope that gives you something to think about.

#4487 - 06/28/06 04:59 AM Re: slide cables for fox
Ron Marsh Offline

Registered: 01/03/05
Posts: 86
Loc: Oil City PA
I stake one end and have a weight on the other end. The weighted end I like to toss back in a colvert. This gets them out of sight and out of the sun less fight. I use 1/8 cable with an L slide lock. Adjustable lenth lock on one end and a loop on the other end. This makes the lenth adjustable to the exact size needed. PM me for detailed instructions how this works.

#4488 - 06/28/06 10:42 AM Re: slide cables for fox
Mr. Otter Offline

Registered: 04/13/06
Posts: 93
Loc: South Carolina
slid rods work great In culvert situations. Just run the rod Into the culvert stake the outside end. And your good to go. The animal runs Into the culvert and It can't shove the rod back out It's out of sight and out of mind. 4 to 5' of rod will do the trick and the rods will last forever.

#4489 - 07/07/06 06:56 AM Re: slide cables for fox
TexA Offline

Registered: 06/01/05
Posts: 182
Loc: Estherville, Iowa
I have used a 12 to 15-ft 3/32 cable slide-wire on Coyotes along busy road ditches.

THEY WORKed for me!

A stake on each end of the slide wire, a good lock/swivel on the cable and at least one or more swivels on the snare itself. One in the center and another at the connection point.

I slid the coyote down the bank and out of sight from any passers-by.......

No reason why it wouldn't work for anything else too!

#4490 - 07/16/06 09:38 PM Re: slide cables for fox
LJ Offline

Registered: 03/29/06
Posts: 73
Loc: Sherburne, New York (Central)
just as a tip if u change traps when u make a catch-use quick links. attach from the swivel on the slid line to the end of yur chain or end swivel of trap. that what i got on my coon and rat drown lines. i do it just so that it is easyer to to put in sets.

#25351 - 10/17/17 12:18 PM Re: slide cables for fox [Re: dave fulmele]
Archive Offline

Registered: 03/12/03
Posts: 1116
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