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#4710 - 11/18/06 04:59 PM Very Expensive Coyote Bite
Steve Offline

Registered: 09/17/00
Posts: 245
Loc: Milton, Indiana
A local young trapper had a very expensive encounter with a coyote this week. He was live trapping yotes and had the misfortune of having one get a hold of his thumb.

He was using a catch pole on the trapped coyotes to control them. After he had them on the pole he would release them from the trap then tape their feet together, then tape the muzzle closed ... kind of like the Crocodile Hunter did with his crocs. Then he would carry the coyote to the truck and put it in the cage.

Anyway ... he had 2 yotes in his cage in the back of his truck, and somehow while taping the muzzle of a third animal, the coyote latched a hold of his thumb. The yote would not let go and shook his head in a violent side to side motion, causing some tendon damage, and broke the guys thumb. His trapping partner had to run back to the truck and retrieve a .22 rifle to shoot the coyote

The young man had to start rabies shots $7000 ... and will require surgery to repair torn tendons in his thumb. That is one expensive coyote!

Now a question for you gents that live trap .... is taping the muzzle closed common to do?


#4711 - 11/18/06 05:14 PM Re: Very Expensive Coyote Bite
45/70 Offline

Registered: 04/10/01
Posts: 832
Loc: South Georgia, usA
Yes, if you can't afford a good dog box or large pet carrier.
Sounds like the subject of this post should consider the expense of tape re: a good box.
Me thinks he might have found the box cheaper, even though I have duct taped many a coyote.
Doesn't work well in wet weather, that's another consideration.
RKBA !!!

#4712 - 11/21/06 05:04 PM Re: Very Expensive Coyote Bite
Jtrapper Offline

Registered: 05/12/01
Posts: 354
Loc: Eldridge, Alabama
Got my whole hand in one's mouth one time, tore one finger up real bad, very painful!

Is easier to get them back out of the box if you tape them up but you don't have to. I stopped doing that the last couple of years i fooled with them.

Use 3M tape Bill instead of that cheap economy stuff, lol.


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