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#5109 - 08/17/06 08:19 AM Two Traps per Set?
A.J. Offline

Registered: 07/27/06
Posts: 65
Loc: Collins, New York
Last night I started watching the FFG advanced predator trapping video with Tom Miranda. He shared some info that really suprised me. Tom suggested that a set's success could go up 30% by using two traps at one set. Basically the set was One Trap Placed 11 inches back and off set by four inches to the right, and another trap 11 inches back and offset by four inches to the left.

I got to thinken about this last night and I was quite puzzled by how both Hal and Mr. Dobbins don't offset at all.

I know it's a matter of opinion and experience and of course the amount of traps you have as to wether you use two traps at a set or offset those traps. I was just wondering if you guys could share your thoughts on this and wether you think a second trap could increase your odds by 30%?

After watching Hal's video and Mr. Dobbins I was under the impression the important thing to do was make the K-9 "work" the set and maybe give him some help with a few trap guides.

Any thoughts?

Thanks A.J.

#5110 - 08/17/06 10:37 AM Re: Two Traps per Set?
redsnow Online   content

Registered: 06/11/06
Posts: 2117
Loc: WV
30% increase in catch ratio, in my opinion would be a bit much. One thing I noticed above, basically the 2 traps are only 8" apart, you'd need to make sure that the first trap fired, doesn't/can't reach the other trap. If it lands on, and gets "caught" by the other trap - your swivels are useless. You don't want that. Just my opinion, some animals for (unknown) reasons are NOT going to work every set they come upon. If they did, they'd be extinct. I've had critters trot across sets, work it from the back, and miss trap-pans by a fraction of an inch, etc. One of those things. I used to make a lot of 2-trap sets, today, I'd rather go down the road/trail 20 or 30 feet, and make another set. Or, make a set at the next "decent/fair" location. In my part of the country, I offset on the side with the smallest rock. wink

#5111 - 08/17/06 11:09 AM Re: Two Traps per Set?
A.J. Offline

Registered: 07/27/06
Posts: 65
Loc: Collins, New York
Thanks for the info Redsnow. I like your idea of making a one trap set and then making another one just a ways off. Good call.

#5112 - 08/17/06 01:08 PM Re: Two Traps per Set?
Thumb Catcher Offline

Registered: 07/19/06
Posts: 104
Loc: N. Kentucky
AJ, Most states will not permit two traps set side by side or is the case in Kentucky we have to have traps set 10ft apart. I catch my share. As Red Snow pointed out, i have many times seen animals work my sets from the rear.
That's why i like to use a Log, rock, or some object that forces the animal to the Front. I know this set is pretty commom but i thought i would share it with you. i can't speak for others, but placing the trap is almost a Habit i don't evan think about, its a natural thing. As for off set distance from the Dirt hole, or evan the Post set, placing the trap is just something, that comes natural to you after a while. Keep it simple. I do like to off set slightly, but if you ask me how many inches, left right, what ever. It just goes back to each set is different and do what comes Natural and feels right to you. Results will help you with your abilities.

#5113 - 08/18/06 08:10 AM Re: Two Traps per Set?
animalpest Offline

Registered: 08/18/05
Posts: 197
Loc: Western Australia
I know that over here the Department of Conservation was doing some research for a number of years on foxes and feral cats and came to the conclusion that double sets were the way to go on these critters and that is what they have used for some time.

I used to use double sets when I wasnt all that good and needed all the help I could get! LOL Now, I occasionally use them when I really, really need to catch that animal in a very short time and cannot afford a miss - but to be honest, its only every couple of years and its only ever on foxes.

Sure, you will get some misses on singles which may have caught on a double set. But then again, perhaps if you had set that second trap elsewhere you may well have trapped TWO animals. Food for thought.

A poorly set trap (ie location in relation to the scent/attractant) will likely benefit more from using a double set than a well placed single. My suggestion is use singles and learn and improve where you need to exactly set that trap to catch rather than relying on 2 traps set together. Hey, if I set 10 traps together at one location I couldnt miss right? LOL

#5114 - 08/18/06 04:51 PM Re: Two Traps per Set?
45/70 Offline

Registered: 04/10/01
Posts: 832
Loc: South Georgia, usA
It is interesting that Ky does not allow two traps at a set. I have never seen that before in any of the several states I have trapped. I don't think that I would go as far as to say, "most states will not permit... ,". Personally, I am more likely to use 2 traps at a set for 'cats, than for fox or coyotes.

We have a lady trapper in our area who wears out the 'cats. The only set she uses is a double dirt hole with the holes angled appx. 45 degrees towards one another, and 2 traps. She makes her holes rather large, maybe 3" or so, and brings the dirt out of them in the shape of an alluvial fan. She joins the dirt spill-over, rather than keeping it seperate, and uses the dirt for her trap, beds, similar to setting a dirt hole with a single trap.

I have had good success w/cats duplicating her set.

RKBA !!!

#5115 - 08/19/06 08:35 PM Re: Two Traps per Set?
Jack Turner Offline

Registered: 10/18/00
Posts: 379
Loc: Harrison, Ohio
In a nutshell, if two traps are within 15-20 yards of each other, it's considered a two trap (or double) set.

In recent years there has been debate about whether to place a trap directly in front of the hole or to off-set the trap right or left. Then there is debate about how far to off-set. Six inches, eight inches, ten inches, eleven inches, twelve inches. I've tried them all. Hell, I don't know what to recommend. I still continue to mix-n-match. Sixteen years, and I still don't know................. confused

#5116 - 08/19/06 09:26 PM Re: Two Traps per Set?
Hal Offline

Registered: 07/17/00
Posts: 9983
Loc: Blue Creek, Ohio, USA
Kentucky is the only state I know of with a "one trap per set" law. smile

Using two traps at a set is a special occasion for me. I'm sure your success rate would increase by using two traps per set, but I think it will increase even more if you use those two traps to make two sets in close proximity.

smile -- Hal
Endeavor to persevere.

#5117 - 08/21/06 07:51 PM Re: Two Traps per Set?
northern trapper Offline

Registered: 10/05/00
Posts: 274
Loc: Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada
Hal is dead on. I tried the double set about 20 years ago and yes it increases catch ratio's sightly, but it also increases the chance of detection.

Very seldom are 2 individuals caught at one set, usually the animal fires the 2nd trap in it's struggle. It is also my opinion that one trap often acts as a decoy for the 2nd trap, after it has been detected.

Groups sets are the way to go, especially with cats and canines and of course beaver. They are deadly because any trapped animals attract others, especially if they are travelling in pairs or groups as they often do. This same principle applies to snares, setting off trails around more well used trails to pick up the curious, or other targets avoiding a dead pal.

To my mind this is one of the fundamental principles that separates amateur from professional trappers. Good trapping country should be stongly set with multiple locations set in groups. Inexperienced trappers seem to have an overwhelming urge to set single, well spaced traps over a large area not realizing how much different individuals and species overlap their territories in good habitat.

#5118 - 08/22/06 07:26 PM Re: Two Traps per Set?
PaTrapperDownunder Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 05/29/05
Posts: 18
Loc: Strathpine Queensland Australi...
I agree with Hal and Northern Trapper but will sometimes add a second trap depending on the circumstances (maybe as a blind or trail set leading to a big hole set or when a dog persists on entering the set from the rear or the side) but as a rule only set one trap to a set.

Just out of interest Dr. Major Boddicker in his book Catch’n Coyotes and other Crit’Rs discusses the use of 2 traps per set and outlines why he believes it leads to an increase in capture rate.

I know that J.C. Conners sometimes adds a second small trap to his coyote traps in grey fox country to increase his fox percentages. I personally feel that the time spent adding 2 traps to a set could be better spent adding other sets to the area. As with others I prefer to gang set an area with 2 to 4 well made sets.


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