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#7963 - 01/25/09 02:55 PM Re: Snares for Beaver
Butch1987 Offline

Registered: 12/26/08
Posts: 42
Loc: Deleware
Thanks again for all your help.

#7964 - 01/26/09 03:13 AM Re: Snares for Beaver
wabi Offline

Registered: 02/27/06
Posts: 104
Loc: Southern Ohio (near Blue Creek...
I have only a couple years experience with beaver snaring, but I find a snare set on a trail they are using to enter/exit the water to be very effective. I have caught them right at the water's edge, and have caught them several feet away from the water. I use 3/32 cable and washer locks and at least 2 swivels (one near the loop and one at the anchor point) and anchor to nearby trees or heavy roots when possible. I have never had an escape with that method (I do check the line daily, preferably early morning), but I have had a small beaver really twist a snare. The big ones usually stay fairly calm and don't seem to fight the snare as much. They also seem to fight less if they can get back in the water. They haven't always been in the water when I checked my line, but I think if they are close they feel more secure and struggle less.

#7965 - 01/30/09 04:47 AM Re: Snares for Beaver
grinnerskinner Offline

Registered: 11/23/08
Posts: 61
Loc: kansas
Butch I use my old slide cabels for extension cabels if they get damaged after a catch, I always try to find a use for old cable its not free and will eliminate the loss of a snare or body grip trap after a catch or flood if the anchor point is solid.

#7966 - 01/30/09 03:01 PM Re: Snares for Beaver
Ldsoldier Offline

Registered: 12/14/06
Posts: 917
Loc: Raleigh, NC
I just started using snares this year. I got enough from Newt to make 3 dozen with cam locks and 3/32 7X7 cable. Took my 2nd snared beaver this morning. So, as you can see, there's more than one way to skin a cat, uh, beaver, you know what I mean smile

Also, remember that you can reuse the lock and swivel. This helps cut down on cost. I like the 3/32 7X7 as well cuz I can take an old snare that's kinked to much to use for a snare and use it for a cable stake.

#27018 - 01/07/20 04:59 PM Re: Snares for Beaver [Re: Butch1987]
Archive Offline

Registered: 03/12/03
Posts: 1486
Dated for search.

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