I'm starting this thread in hopes of reaching some understanding regarding dispatch methods, or objections thereto, that have been, and are, suggested by some users of these boards. In particular, at this juncture, injecting skunks with non-standard chemicals to achieve death.

Many trapping sites won't even touch this subject, but we've never been afraid of it here. Dispatching animals is part of what we do, and there is no sense in pretending it is not.

We have discussed a number of dispatch methods including blunt force, dislocation, asphyxiation, cardiac trauma, shooting and drowning. Sometimes it is mentioned that whichever group is the national representative of veterinarians (sorry I don't know which one it is) has issued "approved" methods for euthanizing animals. I dare say than many, if not most, times our methods do not meet their criteria. So we are out of luck from the git go.

Now, there are those among us who believe we should not promote the use of some non-standard chemicals for injecting skunks -- even though it results in a very quick death. I am curious to know why. Some have said that this will not sit well with the general public. Despite the fact that a whole lot of folks find any sort of death offensive, is this worse that some of the other methods we suggest?

I'm crawling way out on a limb here butů How about the suggestion that we shoot animals in the heart, lungs, liver, or any place else other than in the brain. From a "humane" standpoint, a bullet in the brain causes immediate "death" although involuntary muscle contractions can continue for some time. Shooting an animal anywhere other than in the brain, does not bring about death as rapidly, although a properly placed shot can bring about death quickly.

Mind you, I'm playing the devil's advocate here, but we don't seem to have any trouble with people suggesting a "lung" shot to kill coyotes (or even skunks for that matter). But when we start suggesting non-standard chemicals for lethal injection, concern becomes evident.

Where shall we draw the line?

quest -- Hal
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