I have a lot of tractor/trailer tire chains I would like to use as drag chains this coming year and I need some advice as to how much weight and length I need to use. I will be mostly using the chain for coon drags in hard bottom creeks but would like some input for canines also. The chain links are 2 1/2" long, 1" wide & 1/4" diameter. Every thing I've read about drag chains indictate at least 6' of chain, if I do that I would have about 8 to 10 pounds of chain for each drag. The line I am going to run this coming season involves a lot of walking so weight is a factor. I'm thinking 2 to 3' of chain from the drag, 2 to 3' of 3/32 cable to the trap? Or some variation of chain/cable to provide the proper lenght/ weight to hold the drag down and tangle as quick and often as possible.