Has anyone tried to put up a beaver tail? I thought I'd experiment with one. I halved one, much like I would fillet a bluegill, except there was no carcass left. I sliced and scraped off as much of the white fat as I could. There was still a thin layer of it left, but I was afraid of getting too close to the hide. I laid out flat one half of the tail with the greasy side up, shook a very generous layer of borax on it, and capped it with the other half. I placed a weight on top of this 'sandwich' in case it wanted to curl. My question now is 'now what'? I'm not a huge fan of paying thirty dollars to have it tanned. I'm thinking that after it has dried I could bring it back to life by rubbing in some neatsfoot oil. Or not?? Any help here?

Thanks, Frank.
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