I hope I'm not out of line here. I just read an article in the Alabama outdoor publication, I believe it is called AOL. Sorry I left it in AL at my daughters home by accident. The article was on coyote trapping and for staking the author was using wire conduit pipe, a single 18 inch piece and he stated that you should put your securement on the pipe, drive it in and the top would spread out thru pounding on it enough to secure the trap and he specificy stated "an elephant could not pull this out of the ground".
This sounds like a recipe for disasture to me, how can a 18 inch smooth wall flimsy pipe with the top mushroomed hold a coyote? Am I wrong here or does this need to be refuted immediatly before folks take it to heart and take it as gospel? I don't have a problem with contacting the folks responsible for publishing this magazine and raising heck about it but I thought I'd get you alls thoughts on it first. Hal, Ric, please chime in here, I think this is wrong & I could use some advice on how to state this to the publishers. I do not have the time (long haul trucker going back to work Monday) to get the conduit and prove this wrong. Sorry if I raised noob over nothing but this really has been bugging me and I apologized that I did not have the magizine article in hand to state author/date/etc. If ya'll consider this hear say, I'll have my daughter mail the magizine to me and we'll discuss this further in 8 weeks. Again, sorry I did not bring the magizine home with me so I could qoute absolutly from it. That 'hear say' makes me a little nevious, as Mr Sullivane has been know to whack folks for that.
Thanks, Richard