I made 12 coyote/bobcat/fox sets on public land and caught one red fox at 4 days, one coyote at 6 days. On day 10 I went to pull them for deer season and that morning I had one red fox, one grey fox and one bobcat. While these sets where in I had cold/rainy, rainy/freezing, snow/freezing weather in that order. I used venison as a bait and several different lures and bobcat or red fox urine at each set. I did not get out of hand with scent control but I did wear hip waders, gloves to make the set and bare hands to bait/lure them. When I had to remake or break them out of the ice I used the same scent control. There seams to be no coralation between my being on the sets or the catchs. The venison bait is obviously fairly mild, I don't know if to much urine could be used, I used just a small squirt at each set but I am wondering if I may have used to much lure. I never relured after making the set the first time. Did I over lure and blow out the set till it cooled off or was it a case of poor sets that the critters only came to after nasty weather made them desperate?